Frequently Asked Questions

Am I joining something when I subscribe?

You join a Heavenweb of readers coming closer to God.

I'd like to know the source/author of this material. Is it channeled material? Is any of it out of A Course in Miracles??? Where is it coming from??? What organization is behind it?

God is the Source. Or, if you prefer, a Higher Power, Intelligence, Consciousness, the Presence — whatever you like to call this Greatness.

In a recent letter, David Hawkins, author of Power vs. Force, mentioned that A Course in Miracles “…correctly terms the source of its knowledge as The Voice for God i.e., a Heavenly Source.” He also added a personal message for me: “I note that you have already discerned that such is the case for ...Heaven Letters.”

Heaven Letters are not from A Course in Miracles, but they are inspired writings.

Heaven Letters are not channeled the way I see it.. No entity takes over or anything like that. God is behind Heavenletters.

The Godwriting™ International Society of Heaven was founded in order to share God's new messages with everyone who wants to hear them. It is our understanding that the circulation of God’s words and love and wisdom will lift the vibration of the world and give us Peace on Earth.

Is this a religion?

There are no religious observances unless you call reading Heavenletters an observance. Every religion is represented in the global readership of Heavenletters. Agnostics and atheists are also represented here and are welcome. Everyone is welcome to read God’s words and share them. We are delighted to have you subscribe and read Heaven Letters.

...There are no scripture references. Where in the Bible does it say...

Note: [Yolanda, whose series of questions appear below, is deeply religious in the traditional sense. These are just a few of the questions Yolanda asked to Gloria. She and Gloria corresponded over a two week period and became understanding riends.]

In the margin of Heavenletters at the top, it says: "God said:" There are no scripture references. Where in the Bible does it say those things? Where is the mention of the Holy Spirit which guides one in all truth? Also daily Bible reading is not encouraged. When someone tells me that they pray to God, I want to know if it the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. Is there anything in Heavenletters that is contrary to Scripture? Is not God the Holy Spirit? Is there not one God?

The Bible is not Heaven's focus. And, yes, there is One God by whatever Name He is called. There are many other web sites that encourage Bible reading. God is Love, I hear.

A subscriber who shares your faith in the Scriptures sent in the following:

"It's not hard to find scripture reference for Heaven letters. God speaks to me, and, I assume others, with what we understand of His word. He speaks to people in different ways. The only thing that makes it God-breathed is if it is backed up by what His word says, not word verbatim, but in meaning and Truth. He is not going to minister to us in our life with what we can't yet understand. Jesus spoke in riddles, and about real life experiences, so that the simple could understand."

Do you believe in the deity of the Christ. Do you worship Him?

I worship God, and I love Christ with all my heart.

I guess what I want to know is what you hope to gain for individuals by your website?

Gloria wrote: All I know is that I must share. I would not control what happens on the other end, and how could I anyway? I leave that in God's good hands.

Do you want your audience to just be content with what is here or do you want them to be able to truly experience something beyond this world?

For a few minutes a day, Heavenletters raise our consciousness above the mundane world. Little by little, continued reading of Heavenletters reawakens our connection to God and all of humanity, boosts our belief in ourselves and our worth to God, and brings Earth closer to Heaven.

I appreciate your honesty. It is refreshing that you are not intimidated by my questions. Most people either avoid me or talk around without directly answering my questions. You know, I don't usually respond to things I read on the internet. I don't email people I don't know, unless it's to tell them to take me off their mailing list. I don't doubt that you are in communion with God. I believe that you do love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. This is the first commandment. The other is : "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Heavenletters are laced with this love. God said there is no other commandment greater than these.

Yolanda, that is probably the finest testimonial Heavenletters has ever received. Thank you. It doesn’t matter that we see differently, does it? We share our love of God. What difference does it make what we make of things with our minds? In no way do I intend to detract you or anyone from their beliefs. I bless you for your faith.

Do you have books or printed newsletters available?

A magical book, Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, published by 1st World Library. Order this bookt through Amazon.

A free e-book -- 10 Magnificent Heavenletters -- is ready now. (This needs updating.)

Heavenletters, the CD. Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., introduces the CD. Gloria reads Heavenletters aloud.

Daily Heavenletters are emailed only. Print copies are not available. No one could handle mailing out a newsletter every day. Sorry.

How can I know that Heaven Letters come from God?

God answers that by saying:

"Ask your heart."

I am somewhat baffled by these Heaven Letters, and perhaps you can help me better understand them. What are they?

Heaven Letters are up-to-the-minute practical messages from God meant for all of us who want to read them. . God's messages are heard and written down every day. There have been as many as five Heavenletters received a day. This immediateness is one of the things that makes Heaven Letters unique. God is always in the present and always communing with us..

I don't see God as out God can be talking as if He/She is separate from me

This may be the most important question of all. Read what God says about this below. It's beautiful.

"I, Oneness, talk as though I am Another. But would you have Me be quiet? Would you silence Me. Would you have Me listen only to your individuated thoughts?

"Or would you listen to your Wholeness which is what you hear when I speak?

"Let it be Our game. Let Us play Our roles. Yes, it is all I anyway, and if you could grasp, it is all you the same.

"But meanwhile We engage in conversation. We roll over Our thoughts.

"The time will come when you are fully aware of Our Oneness, and even then We will play."

Is this something I have to study?

No. Just read it easily, let God's words wash over you, and God will do the rest. You might enjoy reading aloud! Peace!

Okay to quote from Heaven Letters? Are they copyrighted?

Yes, to both questions. They are copyrighted, and, yes, by all means, quote from them. We ask that you credit God in Heaven Letters, not charge anyone, leave the words as they are, and, of course, include the web site: Please note that in al ltranslated languages Heavenletters keep the English name Heavenletters. Coca Cola stays Coca Cola. Let Heavenletters be known simply as Heavenletters all through the world.

What are the Godwriting™ Workshops? Who gives them?

Godwriting™ Workshops are where you come when you would like to deepen your connection to God and write down God's words yourself. Everyone who comes to a workshop is charmed to discover how simple God makes it to write His words. Gloria leads the workshops.

Upcoming are on-line, video, and conference call Godwriting™ Workshops..

What is reading Heaven Letters supposed to do for me?

Open your heart. According to readers, you'll come to like yourself and the Universe more. You'll feel more courageous, more honest, more creative and less complicated. You'll rely more on yourself and less on others, and you will come closer to God. Here is a recent unsolicited comment that speaks for itself:

From a doctor comes the following: He posted his comment on the Heavenletter forum under Heavenletter #5391, Be Like Butter or Like a Butterfly:

I have been reading Heavenletters for half a year now and my life has changed profoundly since then. Reading the daily Heavenletters (and randomly also Heavenletters from the past) is the greatest joy in my life. I am infinitely grateful for this wonderful work. With greetings from the depth of my heart.

Why do you refer to God as He in Heavenletters? Is not God the Mother/Father God? Whatever happened to the Mother of Everything or Mother Divine? When we talk to God, are we also talking to Mother Divine?

To make it simple, a choice had to be made. God is fine with whatever you are comfortable with. Read more of what God says below.

" I am God. I am Everything. I am God the Father and God the Mother. But I am neither male nor female and I am both. I am all.

"Male and female are energies. He and She are manners of speaking. All words are metaphors for the energy they represent.

"If you call to Me as Mother Divine, I bear that in mind in My answer. But it is you who calls Me Mother Divine or Father God.

"I am I, whatever form I appear to you in. I am I, no matter what form you like Me to be in.

"How you address Me is up to you. It doesn't matter to Me. You matter to Me, and I will respond to your heart."

I'd like to know why it costs $100. dollars to ask God a question. While I understand that you want to keep this site going, I'm shocked and appalled that you're asking people for $100. to receive an answer from God. I'm lost for further words....

I understand how you feel. This about charging bothers me too. I wish there were another way, but I just don’t know what it is.

God doesn’t charge. I charge.

Let me tell you where I am and what I’ve learned:

At the beginning I did do questions with reduced payment. I learned the hard way. I can’t do ten questions a day and everything else I’m doing.

In addition, I found that sometimes people weren’t serious with their questions. They were playing a joke. For the many who were serious and sincere, many never said Thank you, or even acknowledged they had received God’s answer. I had the sense that free meant cheap and God’s answers were perhaps not as valued as they might have been had the questioner risen to the occasion.

In one sense, asking for a monetary commitment, our requiring even something like $100.00, is showing respect to you, the questioner.. If someone is serious, he or she finds the $100.00. How much does someone want to hear an answer from God?

I would like to tell you a true story:

There was a subscriber who was out of work and suffered serious back pain. He asked five questions of God over a period of about six months. It was my pleasure to do this for him. I was sympathetic to this man’s situation. In fact, I was a bleeding heart.

Whatever God answered this gentleman, he who asked God to answer the questions he asked, each time he came back after receiving God’s answer with a But. He’d say, “Yes, God said this and that, BUT…”

After the five questions, this gentleman happened to email me about two courses he was taking over the internet. He told me these courses cost thousands of dollars! He complained to me how much these courses cost, but he was paying for them. It would seem that these courses meant more to him than anything God would say through Heavenletters.

The next time he asked a question of God, I asked him if he would kindly make a donation.

He came back with: “I won’t have anything to do with an organization that charges for answers from God.”

Undoubtedly, this man would have had more respect for God’s answers if I had expected more of him. I did not do him a favor by not charging him full price.

I could also turn your question around and say, as if I were talking to the gentleman above: “Why shouldn’t you pay for an answer from God? You pay for everything else. Everything is from God. By your reasoning, food should be free. Food is from God.” I suppose that when our Hearts are bigger, no one will go hungry.
I wonder when was the last time that gentleman did something from his heart and soul for someone else without being paid? When did he ever?

There’s another aspect to money. It is a commitment, and it is also energy. There needs to be some return of energy. I need some return of energy.

The same question has come up in regard to my asking for payment for the Godwriting workshops. “How can you charge to help people learn how to hear from God?”

Heavenletters isn’t in existence to make money. That is not its purpose. Money is also from God. Everyone at Heavenletters is a volunteer.

Thank you for valuing Heavenletters and finding a way to take responsibility for what you deeply desire.An answer to a question is a huge gift from God. I would love to know your full question and receive God's answer for you. Find the way, dear friend. Find a way.

Thank you. God bless you.

With all my heart,