I'd like to know why it costs $100. to ask God a question...I'm shocked

I'd like to know why it costs $100. to ask God a question. While I understand that you want to keep this site going, I'm shocked and appalled that you're asking people for $100 to receive an answer from God. I'm lost for further words....

I understand how you feel, and I know you are asking sincerely from your heart. I sometimes do not like to pay for services either. This about charging bothers me too. I wish there were another way, but I just don’t know what it is.

God doesn’t charge. I charge.

Let me tell you where I am and what I’ve learned:

At the beginning I did do questions without asking for payment. I got worn out. I can’t do ten questions a day and everything else I’m doing. More importantly, I found that some people weren’t serious with their questions. They were playing a joke. For the many who were serious and sincere, many never said Thank you, or even acknowledged they had received God’s answer. That’s okay because it’s not about me, but I had the sense that free meant cheap to them and God’s answers were perhaps not as valued as they might have been had the questioner been obliged to pay.

In one sense, asking for a monetary commitment, even something like $100.00 is showing respect to you. If someone is serious, he or she finds the $100.00. How much does someone want to hear an answer from God?

I don’t know where you live, but in the United States it is not unusual for people to spend $100 on café lattes a month.

I would like to tell you a true story:

There was a subscriber who was out of work and suffered serious back pain. He asked five questions of God over a period of about six months. It was my pleasure to do this for him. I was sympathetic to this man’s situation, and I did not ask him for payment.

You know, it seemed he came back every time after God’s answer with a But. He’d say, “Yes, God said this and that, BUT…”

After the five questions, this gentleman happened to email me about two courses he was taking over the internet. These courses cost thousands of dollars! He complained to me how much these courses cost, but he was paying for them. It would seem that these courses meant more to him than anything God could say through Heavenletters.

The next time he asked a question of God, I asked him if he would kindly consider making a donation.

He came back with: “I won’t have anything to do with an organization that charges for answers from God.”

Perhaps this man would have had more respect for God’s answers if I had not felt sorry for him. I might have done him more good by charging..

I could also turn your question around and say, as if I were talking to the gentleman above: “Why shouldn’t he pay for an answer from God? He pays for everything else. Everything is from God. By his reasoning, food should be free. Food is from God.

I could also ask : “When was the last time that gentleman do something for someone else without being paid? When did he ever?”

There’s another aspect to money. It is a commitment, and it is also energy. There needs to be some return of energy. I need some return of energy. The same question has come up in regard to my asking for payment for the Godwriting workshops. “How can she charge to help people learn how to hear from God?”

Heavenletters isn’t in existence to make money. That is not its purpose. Money is also from God.

Everyone at Heavenletters is a volunteer.

Thank you for valuing Heavenletters and finding a way to take responsibility. I am grateful that God gives His responses through me This is a huge gift from God. I would love to know your full question and receive God's answer to you. Find the way, dear friend. Find a way.

Thank you. God bless you.

With respect, Gloria

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I have one question for you.

I was reading on another page that it cost 75.00 to ask GOD a question, then I read on this page it cost 50.00 dollars to ask GOD a question. I don't mind paying either one, but I would love to know which one is correct. Thank you very much.

Hi Harry, Thank you for

Hi Harry,

Thank you for asking. The question in our FAQ was asked many years ago. The current price for a personal queston is $75. Thanks for pointing this out to us. I'll update the page right away.

Oceans of Love,


Thank you, Heaven Admin, for

Thank you, Heaven Admin, for all the attention you give to Heavenletters. It's wonderful.

There is a correction, however. The donation for a personal question to God is now $100.

Dear Harry, I understand how you feel. Will you take a look at this personal question and God's answer:


How much is God's answer worth?