I'd like to know the source of this material...channeled material...Course in Miracles? Where...

I'd like to know the source/author of this material. Is it channeled material? Is any of it out of A Course in Miracles??? Where is it coming from??? What organization is behind it?

God is the Source. Or, if you prefer, a Higher Power, Intelligence, Consciousness, the Presence — whatever you like to call this Greatness.

In a recent letter, David Hawkins, author of Power vs. Force, mentioned that A Course in Miracles “…correctly terms the source of its knowledge as The Voice for God i.e., a Heavenly Source.” He also added: “I note that you have already discerned that such is the case for ...Heaven Letters.”

Heaven Letters are not from A Course in Miracles, but they are inspired writings.

Heaven Letters are not channeled. No entity takes over or anything like that. God is behind Heaven Letters.

The Godwriting™ International Society of Heaven Ministries was founded in order to share God's new messages with everyone who wants to hear them. It is our understanding that the circulation of God’s words and love and wisdom will lift the vibration of the world.

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"God is behind Heaven

"God is behind Heaven Letters."

What God would that be?



I thought there is but One

I thought there is but One God.

Dear Holly -- probably I could have said Voice for God. Does that feel better to you, dear one?

I think it's Rumi who calls God the Guest. David Hawkins calls God the Presence. God is called Allah, Jehovah etc. Still, there is One God.

Maybe you are thinking: "How can this be? An older lady from the cornfields of Iowa thinks God whispers in her ears?"

Holly, I wonder the same thing. How can this be? I weep for joy in amazement.

May God always bless you and keep you safe in His arms. There is no doubt of that.

With love, Gloria