Christ Let His Light Shine

God said:

Everything goes in its own way and in its right time. You have wondered how it is that I can say all is well, even when, in your eyes, all is not well. All is well with you, beloveds, even when you are in the midst of that which you do not favor. Let it be. It is like this:

You are a swimming fish. There may be algae floating and other fish swimming in the same pond, some toward you, some in your way, and fish that you are, you do not mind. You just keep swimming. If there is an octopus, you still keep swimming. Nothing is in the way unless you say so.

Even on land where you walk, you may spot a roadblock, you may run up against it and it may stop you, but you are not stopped, do you understand? If you don't go one way, you go another.

Even if you are arrested and put in jail, you still are, and you are not stopped. You may be bound hand and foot. You may look stopped. Your body is stopped somewhere, yet you keep going. There is nothing, nothing, that is to deter a child of God from savoring the world.

Remember you live your thoughts, and you are responsible for your thoughts. Your thoughts make your day, not circumstance.

Do not think I am being unintelligible. You have been in the best of circumstances, and you have not been happy. Today, a day of commemoration, your stockings are full, and you may not be happy. What makes you think that you cannot be amidst unwanted circumstances and still be happy? If you can be unhappy in the midst of plenty, what makes you think you can't be happy in the midst of drought? Some days nothing is changed, and you are happy. The next day, everything is the same, and you are unhappy. Even so, someone would be happy to be you, so why can't you be happy to be you? Someone would be glad to trade places. You might be disheartened because you ran out of eggnog. Someone might be very happy to drink water from your tap.

Yes, regardless of circumstances, you can lift yourself. No matter what, you can be down. It is your choice. You have choice.

You may even say that at the end of his physical life, Christ was unhappy. You may say it had to be that he was unhappy. You would have been. You feel sad now when you think of the ending of his beautiful life.

Beloveds, how could Christ be unhappy even on the cross? I know from your human point of view, he suffered. He would tell you he did not suffer. He radiated light, beloveds. Christ transcended pain, for he had his mind on other things. Me, for instance. Could he be unhappy in My embrace? Not he.

In any case, his thoughts, as with all the Great Ones, were not on himself. He was not the center of his life. This was not by effort, you understand. It was where he was. When you see through a green lens, you see green. Whatever the color of the lens you see through, that is the color you see.

Christ saw through My eyes, so he saw through golden lenses. What could he see but the goldenness that I see?

And so today let's commemorate the birth of one who came to give joy to the world. He left joy in his wake for you to swim through. He gave joy to the world.

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Wishing you all a most

Wishing you all a most wonderful and Happy Christmas !

And so today let's commemorate the birth of one who came to give joy to the world. He left joy in his wake for you to swim through. He gave joy to the world.

Infinite Love

Shining Our Light

Oh, my! TODAY'S LETTER IS SUCH A LESSON! To let everything and anything be!
with me, with you, in any circumstance! Christ kept His focus on His God, His Source
and all, to Him, was well always.

This is all a dream of separation from God, it is not Reality! We choose to come
to Planet Earth for experience of all sorts.
Ah, I read Kryon, one of God's wondrous Angels, and I fall in love. Because God
and Kryon and Heaven are One. I fall in love with Kryon whenever I read what Kryon
has to say! Kryon has never experienced life on this planet, but Kryon looks with
great wonder and great admiration at any and all of us who do come here! He thinks we
are extraordinary! KRYON IS LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.


beautiful a very sweet and

beautiful a very sweet and true. God is so great that nothing in this world can contain his joy. Thank you for the gift of joy and most importantly the gift of love and life from god.


and Amen

Merry Christmas everyone

Merry Christmas everyone :o)

Love, Light and a new beginning. Freedom with all the colours that you can possibly imagine, that truly give peace to us all as one. Wishing you a wonderful, bright and shiny Christmas where ever you are. Love you all - enjoy your lives and live in peace and harmony.


Thank you. Same to you. Who

Thank you. Same to you.

Who are you? I mean, what name do I know you by?


Beautiful, beautiful indeed. It's never too late to wish you all a very joyful MERRY CHRISTMAS. Let His golden light shine in the heart of every soul, of every living thing on Earth. Just be happy for the simple fact of being alive, and for all the blessings we get every day.

In Love & Light,


2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Christ saw through
He radiated My light
Christ saw through My eyes

God said you have choice
So be happy to be you
For you live your thoughts

Love, Light and Aloha!


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