Be the First to Step Forward

God said:

Good morning, My beloved children, who struggle and twist and turn in life because you believe you have to in order to exist. And so you enter the fray. That is your error, that you believe it is necessary to fight life. Therefore you parry and thrust for all you are worth, and you wear yourself out with fighting ghosts when you could befriend them.

Because of past impressions, you place an overlay over those you meet. The ghost of the past meets the ghost of the present, and so you see a false image. Instantly you refer back. You believe that history repeats itself, and so you duel again and again. You believe you take righteous action when all along it is righteous imagination.

Make an overlay of Me or Christ or Buddha or any beloved saint at all and place that overlay upon all whom you meet. Then you have Truth, and then you are mighty.

You respond to that which you see before you. See otherwise. See differently, and you recreate the world.

That is what you have been doing anyway. Now recreate it in My image.

Diffuse your picture of enemy.

If you can react defensively and offensively, why then can you not react in a different manner? Or why must you react in any way that fuels the flame? Even when someone appears preposterous and cruel, why cannot you be kind? Even when someone is not favorable to you, can you not be favorable to them? Who sets your pace? Whose swirling tassel do you dance to?

See bigger, and your life will unfold in a bigger fashion.

Life is not meant to be a calculating chess game. Life is not meant to have opponents. Life is meant to be an arena of joy. If you cannot be joyful all the time, you can at least be generous in your thoughts. You can be benign. You can be benevolent. You have choice. You can be a benefactor to humankind. If someone can, why not you? No other is to determine how tall you will stand.

No matter how you may have been treated in the past, you can dispense yourself in a different way.

If you were treated unkindly, you can be kind. That is easier for you in the long run. And in the shorter one too.

Make the one decision today, that no matter what befalls, you will respond from a higher plane. If another comes to you with animosity, you will respond in another way. You will not toss kindling into the fire of their heart. They are not seeing you. They are seeing a ghost, just as you have done.

Be in your truth. Do not dissemble. Is it not true that you are sorry someone feels animosity towards you? Would you not rather that they showed trust? Must they go first?

If you wish to be a leader, then you must lead. You can lead the parade of life. You can present life in any way you like, for you have choices. Do not think that you are without choice.

You have been given free will. It is a great gift. Choose to use it.

If you must imitate others in life, imitate the great ones. Do not limit yourself to a mediocre standard of rebuttal. You are not created to be mediocre or status quo. You are not meant to ignite bombs. You are meant to defuse them. You are meant to be the first to step forward into a field of peace. I am waiting for you, beloved.


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