See the Love

God said:

What is there to talk about but the love in Our hearts? What matters the divergences of life when love is the essence? What is there to talk about, and what is there to say when love is all and all that there is?

What if the only medium of exchange were love? Would it then be measured? Against what could it be measured? Certainly not against itself. Love cannot be against anything. It can only be what is it, and love is very much for everything. It is certainly for you to be in love. Be in the love you grew from and grow from now. Abet yourself in the play of love. Let Earth be the love you walk in.

But you do not believe that you are love. You equate yourself more with the many aberrations apart from love. You think you are disjointed. You believed and believe all the misinformation that was sent your way. You adopted it as your own. You saw yourself as pitiful, but you were and are pitiless when it comes to yourself. You focus on seeing the errors of your way over and over again, and you overlook the thriving effulgent beautiful beingness that you are. You have blind-sided yourself.

You have locked yourself into a boundary called Human Being, and you associate Human Being with the dregs of life as if you were the leftover of love, as if you were that which is not love. But you are that which is. Not only are you love, you are My love. I did not make you from scraps. I made you from love entire. You are inseparable from the love I made you of. Only you look askance at yourself.

It often seems to Me that you are out to get yourself, catch yourself red-handed in dismay, as if it were your mission to dissuade yourself from love. Beloveds, I ask you: If whole love exists, and it exists in you, why would you deny it? For what purpose would you blind yourself to love and see impediment to it? How obvious this is to Me, and how forgetful of you. How absurd it is that love would adhere to anything but itself.

How clearly you spot the inadequacies of the world and everyone in it! How focused are you! How determined are you to say: "Aha! I see unfairness, pain, cruelty. Aha! I see that which is before me and should not be here." And how absurd you are not to see love abounding. How absurd you are not to see the landslide of love as it wraps itself around the universe. How absurd you are not to see the love in a raindrop. How absurd you are not to see the love in others. How absurd you are to not to see the love in yourself and forgo stirring it rampantly and pouring it all over the universe like melted butter.

Surely your heart is made of butter, not steel. It is easy to melt butter. Did you really think you were to barricade your heart? If yes, from what?

From letting love in? Did you really think you were meant to downplay love?

Did you really think you were better off without it? Did you think that restricting the flow of love was safe, and that the inpourings and outpourings of love were terrifying?

I call to you now in love. I call love to love. I sound the drums of love. I beat the drums of love in your heart, and now your heart beats to the beat of love. Your heart is good for love. Use it.

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