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From the Window of Love

God said:

Routine is good. Breaking from routine is also good. Steadfastness is good, and flexibility is good. All is good.

When you can see that all is well, you will have a greater view of life. Nothing will have to be one way and not another. You will relax.

What we are talking about is not judging. This concept of not judging is touted a lot and applied infrequently.

An Ocean of Love Deep in the Heart of God

God said:

Can it be? Can it really be true that you and I are One? How can it be, you wonder. While you may be immersed in problems, you are well aware that I am free from the concept of problem. In the arena I am in, there is no such thing as problem. There is joy, and there is peace, and there is love. Where can problem exist in the midst of such wonderfulness?

How can you bridge this distance you feel between Us? How can We bridge the gap, beloveds, between the ideas in your head and the Reality That Is? How do We get you to come over to My side of the river?

Buddha Sat under a Banyan Tree

God said:

What miracle would you want today? Would you want the sun to shine, winds to blow, fresh air to breathe, mountains and oceans to see? Would you like the blue sky by day and the dark blue star-filled sky by night? Would you like water to drink and water to wash your hands with? Would you like faces to light up when they see you? Would you like smiles to come out like stars when you appear?

Would you like love and love alone to stay in your heart? Would you be happy to see anguish and all its brothers and sisters flee from your heart and from the face of the world?

What Role Do You Want to Play?

God said:

Life in the world is no joke, and yet it is time for you to have some laughs. Life cannot be so serious as you take it. Even if it were, you have to take life more lightly. When you are so serious about life, when it is so utterly important, you put restraints on life and yourself. You order yourself around. You make demands of life that it's really better for you to let go of.

You Are Your Own Star

God said:

The Truth of you is your Divinity. All the humanness you portray is but your disguise. You are Divinity in the guise of a human being. On Earth, you walk two paths simultaneously. We could say that with your right foot, you say, "He loves me." With the left foot, you say, "He loves me not." Of course, your right foot is correct. The left foot is incorrect.

As Close to You as Infinity

God said:

Somewhere over the rainbow Our Hearts are One. Over the rainbow is right where you are now. There is no away place. There is no far. If We can say anything, I think We can say that there is only near, and that's where love is. It is right in you. You are a harbor for love.

We Will All Canoe on a River of Love

God said:

What words can begin to speak of all the love in My heart for you? The biggest word is not big enough. The loftiest thought is not high enough. What words can convey the depth and breadth of love that I hold you in? Even the word love cannot. It tries. It means to, and yet words do not have the strength to convey all the love that there is to convey. And, yet, love is conveyed. You know love when you see it. You know love when you don't see it as well.

Love, Free Will, and Oneness

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Gloria to God:

Dear God, Julie sent a beautiful e-mail in which she praised Your words in HEAVEN. She said they were like "a cool drink for a thirsty girl". She emphasized how HEAVEN reminds her that she cannot fix others, that only You can. I certainly need to be reminded of that. I know that what I worry about is in Your hands. At the same time, I'm not sure that I'm supposed to sit here doing nothing.


Love Established in Being

God said:

How beautiful is a heart knowingly entwined with Mine! Your heart is already entwined with Mine, so you might as well know it. Is there something else you should know that has precedence over that? Is there something else that can elevate you anywhere near the height that that one realization can? Your heart and My heart are entwined. Our hearts hold hands, as it were. We are not separated even one quarter of an inch.

More of What Love Is About

God said:

The expression "Love everlasting" isn't quite correct because there is no corollary to the permanence of love. It cannot unlast. It can only be. It is all that can be. Nothing else is nor can be. Love can be kicked around — it is kicked around — and yet it is still love and it is unaffected.

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