From the Window of Love

God said:

Routine is good. Breaking from routine is also good. Steadfastness is good, and flexibility is good. All is good.

When you can see that all is well, you will have a greater view of life. Nothing will have to be one way and not another. You will relax.

What we are talking about is not judging. This concept of not judging is touted a lot and applied infrequently.

When you get out of judging, your mind will not be so strict. A whole load will be taken off your mind. You will take years off your life. It will be like you are taking off tight shoes and breathing a sigh of relief. Then you will know freedom. Your mind will know freedom.

Someone reading this will think, if not say: "God, are You saying we shouldn’t have standards? Are You saying that anything goes?"

I would say across the board that you are to find love in your heart and view the world from the window of love. I would tell you to be very cautious about having standards that you insist others meet. I also recommend caution for yourself when you set standards too high on yourself. If you are often finding fault with yourself, you may well be setting standards that are too high for you to live up to. Unless you have a spring in your step, you very likely are too hard on yourself.

My darlings, you are not to browbeat yourself any more than you are to browbeat others.

I would caution you against making absolute statements in your mind. There can be peace in everything. There can also be chaos in anything. Neatness is not always peaceful, nor is messiness. If you must have a standard, let your standard be peace, and let your standard be joy.

The only absolute that I would want you to uphold is love. Love is the one standard to go by.

I have seen parents talking sharply to their children in public. The parents may think they are teaching their child to behave, and that they teach in the name of love, and yet where is the love? It would seem they are teaching their child to be unhappy. They are giving themselves permission to be cross and bossy.

The world is not always constant, nor must you perceive or state your opinions as constant. Since when are opinions fact? Since when is certitude truth?

Be cautious about saying one thing is allowed and another is not. Be careful about what you preach, even when what you preach is the same as what you practice. You may exact too great a price for yourself and for others.

To come from a standard of love does not mean to be sentimental. A basis of love does not make you a sap. Do you think I am a sap? Do I not come from love? I don’t come from a standard of love. I simply come from love, and that is what I ask of you.

And if you slip and come from less than the arena of love, brush yourself off and start from the beginning again. Love rules. Love, not strictness and not mushiness. Wise love, not silly love. True love, not false love. Gracious love. Love given with grace, not in spite of what occurs, but because you are love. You are not a fool to love. You are not a patsy. You are not a ne’er-do-well to love. We are talking about honest love, truthful love that gives of itself because you, the giver of it, stand in love.

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Letting of judgment and trivial standards really does bring more peace to ones mind. Non-judgment and acceptance works wonders in relationships!

In the relative in terms of business and services (I often work in the field of business), our teams' standard is to do the best we can do and to see the love in everything we do. About routine; we have our business processes and workflows yet they are there to serve us and we are happy to dynamically change them to best suit the situation.

One Love

"Neatness is not always

"Neatness is not always peaceful, nor is messiness". God, with his paradoxes, is teaching me, step by step, to not think anymore. I feel gently invited to overcome my mind where my ego resides.
I approach Beingness... only being... how light it is!

Hi Emilia and everyone else too.

Yes, God is masterful at teaching us step by step...especially if we are more aware...moment by moment. And to not judge so love more and more is so sweet and such a relief...we do not have to try so hard...we do not have to try or do things by effort at all. Life then, becomes more of a floating and less of a rowing. I like floating and drifting...and that way God came point out more flowers to smell and more vistas to view...and most of all...more love to share. I love sharing love...and I loved writing this. Have a beautiful, wondrful day today Emilia...and may everyone else too. Loving all of you, Jimi.

Hello dear Jim, thank you

Hello dear Jim, thank you for your wish of a wonderful day. You must be powerful because I indeed had a glorious day, full of mighty beauty. Loving you and feeling your love for all.

Gloria give us the "Brush Off Tiperoo"

Sometimes Wisdom explodes into real practical things.

This Heaven Letter is like that. Learn to handle everything with love.

Start with yourself. Loving you makes it possible to love others.

Thata Person! Just do it.

George slipping his shoes off

From the Window - see all that is Love , with Love

DEAR MAESTRO OF LOVE. Today I WILL see Love from a clear and shining-clean
window. Today, having just returned from gorgeous Carmel, God, I'm certainly
feeling full of peace and grace. I spent just 24 hours there, and it was like
an Alice in Wonderland experience, I was open to surprises and there they were surely there
aplenty! Stayed in a gracious hotel, enjoyed the wondrous scenes,, the charming
people. My husband, who is in Heaven with thee, Maestro, always used to say
" I am in need of a change of phantasm" and that was the driving force for the
trip - a glorious change of phantasm! I'm feeling now at peace with all my relatives
and friends. I am at peace with myself and my SELF. Today I feel I have brushed
myself off and started from the beginning again. Love Rules Today. . Today I am standing
in the wonder and purity o YOUR f Love, and I am endlessly grateful! Thank you, God, for
a spectacular Life.

not setting standards on love

I dont think I ever read something so perfectly written. as I was reading this devotion this afternoon, I was thinking while reading how your relatonship must be with the Lord..and how you allow the Lord to use you..and i just felt i should drop a line about how your devotion today touched me deep in my heart and I thought, "Gee Lord. what things has this person been thru to have such an understanding of you." what ever place you come from ..

thank you..I wish everyone could read this devotion.

your sister
carolyne coleman

Beloved Carolyne, Who could

Beloved Carolyne,

Who could read your message and not be touched? What love you share!

Carolyne, there is a lot I want to say in response to your post. I think I will make a blog entry to say all I want to say. Please see tomorrow, Monday.

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said uphold love
For love is the One standard
Simply come from love

Love, Light and Aloha!