The Eyes of God

God said:

Why fight love? When love overtakes the heart, let it. Then you will love the mountains and the sea and the tulip and the soulness of Human Beings on Earth. You will love.

If love haunts you, it haunts you because it belongs to you. Sometimes love has been the orphan child you do not acknowledge. You shunt it off on a side-track while you wait — for what? Love is the main theme of your life. It is the engine that runs the universe, and it runs you.

Your Human mind may be afraid to let love reign. All the while, your heart knows you are to let love loose. Your heart is rife and rampant with love. Your mind would hold love back. But love is not mindless. Love is mindful. It is mindful of why you are on Earth in order to be the wholeness of love moving toward itself.

Do not think that you master love. It is not necessary to dig for love nor to hoard it. Your mind does not have the say of love. Only love directs itself. Evermounting love is undaunted. Your heart will love, and that is the story of Creation.

Consider love the main force in life. But with love, there is no force about it. Not that love is lackadaisical. It is very purposeful.

Love does not dismantle you. It dismantles only illusion. The illusion that it dismantles is that there is anything in the entire universe but love. Love dissuades masquerade. Anything less than love you have purveyed or observed is a masquerade. Anything other than love wears a false front. No matter how good your masquerade, it can only be a masquerade. No matter how it is packaged, illusion cannot be anything but illusion.

Love is easy. Easy love. Hearts and souls touching, as if there were anything to touch. Love knows itself, that's all. Love knows Oneness and allows it. Allow love. Allow Oneness. Do not dim the lights. A light turned on lights. It takes no effort. All a light needs is to be allowed to shine.

There is a switch in your heart that is already On. You can only imagine that it can be turned off. Your heart is like the ocean. It can never run dry. But even amidst the ocean, you can be thirsty for water just as you have been thirsty for love. Moisten your heart with its own love.

If your heart feels hard, soften it. Now is the moment to remove the bandages you have wrapped around your heart. Your heart is strong. No need to baby it. Unwind your heart.

When you feel tense, it is your heart you have wound up. But your heart is not a clock, and your heart is not meant to sound alarms. Your heart, your beautiful heart, is for love alone. You cannot disconnect your heart from love no matter how you try. And how you have tried. My beautiful children have tried to dissuade themselves from love for the sake of — I know not what. Turn your eyes to Mine, and then let My eyes shine through yours. Let your eyes look at all other beings the way your eyes look into Mine. The truth is that you cannot take your eyes off Me. You cannot, and, besides, there is nothing else to look at but the love in My eyes. My eyes are like a telescope, and there is nothing else to look through but My eyes of love. I have given them to you. Through My eyes, you see. Through any eyes but Mine, you half-see. Through physical eyes, your vision is blurred. Your vision blurred, you push love back or away. Open your eyes now and look into Mine and see Me all over the place.