eyes of God

The Eyes of God

God said:

Why fight love? When love overtakes the heart, let it. Then you will love the mountains and the sea and the tulip and the soulness of Human Beings on Earth. You will love.

If love haunts you, it haunts you because it belongs to you. Sometimes love has been the orphan child you do not acknowledge. You shunt it off on a side-track while you wait — for what? Love is the main theme of your life. It is the engine that runs the universe, and it runs you.

Eyes of Love

God said:

What if there is only good fortune? What if bad luck does not exist?

When I created the Universe, I said it was good. I did not say, mostly good. Or sometimes good. Or once in a while good. I said good. I did not say goodness and mercy were tempered with less than goodness and mercy.


God said:

When you look up, literally and figuratively, you meet My eye. In truth, there are no directions, but on earth, you are surrounded by direction, and so you must look up. When you look up — the actual act of looking up — presents you with another dimension. Your looking up reminds you of Heaven. Your looking up is a signal to you. It signals that I am, and that I am for you.

Weave the Universe

God said:

We are talking about the marrow of your heart. That quiet absorbent reflective core of your heart, the inner being of your heart that knows its true nature and fulfills it. The heart has a life of its own. It knows no armament. It knows only disarmament, or rather, peace.

You have one Father, and that is I. You have one heart, and that is Mine. You have one longing, and that is for Me. I have one fulfillment, and that is you.

Accrue to your truth, and you have accrued to Me. Truth and I are the same, and the truth of you is the same as Mine.

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