Weave the Universe

God said:

We are talking about the marrow of your heart. That quiet absorbent reflective core of your heart, the inner being of your heart that knows its true nature and fulfills it. The heart has a life of its own. It knows no armament. It knows only disarmament, or rather, peace.

You have one Father, and that is I. You have one heart, and that is Mine. You have one longing, and that is for Me. I have one fulfillment, and that is you.

Accrue to your truth, and you have accrued to Me. Truth and I are the same, and the truth of you is the same as Mine.

We are harbored in each other's heart. We are sanctioned there. We are known there.

We are each other's heart, and that is how We are One.

My love is My love. What I love is My love. My love is given, and My love is received. The receiver of My love is My love. My love receives itself over and over again. We are in infinity. We are infinity, you and I.

Infinite is Our love. And infinite are the waves of Our love. Our love courses through the universe and is imbibed. The universe rolls over to Our love. It welcomes it. It drinks it up.

You are the chalice I drink from. And I refill your cup. We are intoxicated with Our love that is inseparable from Our existence. Love is Our existence. We exist in love. Love swims in love. The Lover loves Himself, and you are Myself.

What enchantment Our love weaves! It wove you. It wove you across the universe. From Heaven to Heaven. You are the woven warp and woof of the universe. You are its cross-strings. You are its bow and its arrow. You are its circumference and its center. You are a lodestar of the universe.

The motion of light casts a spell.

You are enchanted.

Wake up to the light that beams to and from you.

Know what to keep your eyes on.

Both eyes.

Squarely on Me Who is the marrow of you.

My eyes of love nourish your vision. That is why you look into My eyes. When you see into My eyes, you also see from them. My eyes open up yours. My eyes whisk you Heavenward. Where I look, you look. When you see as I see, what more could you ask for?

That is your task, and that is your reward, to see and be the Light that I am. You are it, and now you have only to see it. Seeing it, your eyes light up and are never dimmed again.

See My light as I see yours, and you have captured Heaven.

You can see love. You can see its rays.

You came from rays of love, and you are woven from them, and you weave them. With each step you take, you weave the universe. The threads follow you, or We could say you pull the threads. It is the same. You do not know all the threads that you pull with you. You do not know how many threads are connected to you. You do not know how far you take them.

These are threads of light We speak of, unbroken, connected threads of light that enmesh the world in radiant Oneness.

All the threads are now.

Light travels fast.

It takes no time at all.

It covers eternity in this moment of Oneness.

You who are woven are a weaver of light. A weaver weaves. You weave for Me on Earth and lift Earth to Heaven. Heaven does not descend to Earth. Earth rises to Heaven, and you are the riser of it. Raise your sights. That is all you have to do. As your vision rises, so does Earth. You are carrying the Earth to Heaven. With a golden thread of light, you pull it. Well done, light-bearer, Earth-bringer, Heaven-arriver!

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Enchanted with God.

I awoke this morning with the words "You are enchanted" going through my head. I remembered this Heavenletter, my all-time favorite. God directed me to this Heavenletter about a year ago, at a very critical point in my life.

"The motion of light casts a spell.

You are enchanted.

Wake up to the light that beams to and from you.

Know what to keep your eyes on.

Both eyes.

Squarely on Me Who is the marrow of you."

The light that beams to and from me grows daily. It started as a tiny pinprick that I would catch a glimpse of from time to time. Now it is a strobe, strong and clear and sometimes almost blinding in its intensity.

Thank You, God. I love You. You are the marrow of me.


Wow, what a Heavenletter,

Wow, what a Heavenletter, beloved Angela. Now I am in bliss.

How did I ever forget this Heavenletter! "Wake up to the light that beams to and from you. Know what to keep your eyes on. Both eyes squarely on Me Who is the marrow of you."

What words you woke up with, Angela! "You are enchanted." If we could all wake up with such words!

Thank you so much for posting this.


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