God said:

I am the Father of Goodness. Goodness is innocence. It is not acts, although innocence may reveal itself in acts.

Innocence is listening to Me. Innocence and listening to Me are the same. Innocent is the heart that listens to Me. All hearts are innocent, but all hearts do not listen to Me. They listen to other things, and those other matters cover up the heart's innocence. Clever is not wise. Innocent is wise.

Baptism is symbolic of the innocence of your heart. Immersed in the water of holy innocence, you come up sparkling and refreshed. All cleverness is washed away. All learned wisdom is washed away. And the truth of you is revealed.

Baptism by fire is unnecessary.

Any struggle is unnecessary.

You may value struggle, but it is not necessary.

You don't have to go the hard way around.

You do not have to suffer to be cleansed.

Be cleansed, and you will not suffer.

When you are in the breadth of My heart, you have chosen Me over suffering. Let Me be the accompaniment of your heart. Let Me take over your heart. Allow it to be Mine.

You turn your heart over to everything else, to anything at all. Let your heart find Mine.

No one is more wise or more innocent than I. My wisdom is not cleverness. My wisdom is innocent pure love that doesn't know anything else, not from blindness, not from turning away, but from true knowledge and vision. I see you, and I see Myself shining there. What else is there to see? Clutter, that's all. Meaningless clutter. There is God, and there is clutter, cluttering of the heart.

You thought your heart was empty, so you filled it with anything that came along. But all the time, your heart was full, but you did not know fullness when you saw it.

Your heart overflows with My love, but you have bartered it. You have pasted other things over it. Pasted things do not last. I last.

Empty your heart of its heaviness.

Anything in your heart that is not the light of God is extraneous. It has been added. It has compensated you for your thoughts of emptiness, and so you chose heaviness.

Get that other stuff out of your heart. I am there, here, in your heart. I am its occupant. There is no place for hardness of the heart. There is only place for the love of God, Mine to you, and yours to Me. Let Our love be the contents of your heart.

Do not sort the clutter there. Do not go through it. You will keep back too much in case you might need it later, in case you still have to suffer. Throw it all out. Be done with it. Be the keeper of what you long for, not all the things you have held on to. They are of no use, only to keep Me away and to keep you in the past.

Enter the present. Be My guest. Be My entourage. Be My passenger. Be the echo of My heart. Be My beloved child and accept My love. Fill your heart with it. Pack your heart with it. It is light. It is so light that it fills up the universe. From your heart, My light goes out to the universe. What an easy thing for you to do! Just to be it, the light you already are. Take off all those disguises. They fool the blind.

I, on the other hand, am all-seeing, and I see the truth of your heart. I hold it in My hand. I love your heart. Take My love. It is for you. Take a landslide of My love. Swim in it. Baptize yourself in it. Take Me with you. Take Me with you. Accept the proffer of My hand. Clasp it and come with Me. That is how you take Me with you. Choose Me. Choose Me now.