surrender to God

Buddha Sat under a Banyan Tree

God said:

What miracle would you want today? Would you want the sun to shine, winds to blow, fresh air to breathe, mountains and oceans to see? Would you like the blue sky by day and the dark blue star-filled sky by night? Would you like water to drink and water to wash your hands with? Would you like faces to light up when they see you? Would you like smiles to come out like stars when you appear?

Would you like love and love alone to stay in your heart? Would you be happy to see anguish and all its brothers and sisters flee from your heart and from the face of the world?

Angels and Ideas

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Gloria to God:

Dear Father, what would You like to tell us this morning?


I am. God is. That one thought alone makes it possible for you to surrender to Me. And what do you surrender? Falsehood for truth. Misery for joy. Havoc for peace. You surrender smallness for everything.

All you have to do is walk on the other side of the street. Cross over.

Surrender is doing what your heart wants and what your mind may be afraid of.

What Is Your Intention?

God said:

Because you are in a body doesn't mean you have to live with smallness. You are not limited to smallness, and you don't have to have it. Whatever the past, smallness is a choice now. It is up to you. Your alternative is greatness. In your heart of hearts, which do you think belongs to you?

What Is the Key?

God said:

Surrender starts with an openness that We can call receptivity. Receptivity is more than a willingness. It is willingness but it is willingness freed. If willingness is an open door, with receptivity, you have already opened it and now it is always open. You have stepped over willingness. You have entered the threshold of openness that lies beyond willingness. Willingness contains a little thread of control as if you deigned to willingness. But with openness, you have passed a threshold from which you cannot return.

Nearer to God

God said:

The comfort I give to you is not idle. I do not give placebos, nor do I give platitudes.

The closer you are to your Source, the safer you feel. That is great comfort. The safer you feel, the less ensconced in your body are you. When you think you are your body, how safe can you feel, for it is a given that your body is in jeopardy. Everyone knows bodies do not last. The only thing in question is how long or how soon? There is a solidity in coming close to Me.

Coming closer to Me is like swinging in a hammock. What cares have you when you swing with Me?

Swimming with God

God said:

Let's face it, beloveds. I am coming to the fore in your life. This is not always an easy transition for you. You might think it would be. You have desired this. You have desired to serve Me.

Perhaps We can compare this to joining your country's army. You volunteer, and then in the midst of training, you might do some kicking and screaming. All to no avail, because you're in the army now. Your choice was made. You made it gladly, and yet you still have rough edges to be sanded down.

God's Golden Child

God said:

You are such a Golden Child of Mine that it is My desire that you always be honored, made welcome, treated well, treated most graciously, and be given the respect and regard that a Divine Child of Mine is entitled to and must have. There is something in you that must have respect and regard from others. It is unnatural not to have it. Something is off. It doesn't feel right. It is hard to take.

How Happy the Universe Will Be

God said:

What I AM, you are. I have given you Myself. I have given you everything. What is your excuse now, beloveds? What excuse do you have now for not revealing My glory? What excuse do you make now for not surrendering yourself to My very heart which is yours? When are you going to stop playing the zany comedian who trips himself and wonders how he fell?

What meaning will you attach to what I say when I say you are My child, when I say that you are not orphaned, when I say that you are not left outside in the rain? What will you make of what I say? Will you just shrug your shoulders?

In Praise of God

God said:

"Well, dear God, holy God, God of my Heart, I am Yours. I give myself to You Who gave myself to me. When I speak to You, all pettiness leaves my heart. I cannot remember what was on my mind. With You in my heart, my mind vanishes, and there is only You, and there is only I, and We are not twain but One. I am One with You, dear God. You fill my heart with Our Oneness. I am replete.


God said:

Decisions. You think that decisions are a huge undertaking, but decisions are merely choices you make. Even life and death decisions are not life and death. Decisions hang in the air, and you pull one down. You can never know all the intricacies. You cannot follow the course of the decision back to its origination, nor can you follow it to its outermost conclusion. You don't need to invest so much in decisions.

Your decisions are little things. They are not so big as you make them. Your whole life is not held in the balance of any decision you make, so-called right or so-called wrong.

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