Time, Pace, Infinity, and Language

Gloria to God:

About time, sometimes I feel I pursue it, or I try to pull it along, and it is mightier than I am. Like getting the HEAVEN web page together, learning Money 99 — it seems to be dragging on forever.

Is there something inside me that is holding this back, or is it supposed to happen in its own time?



Weave the Universe

God said:

We are talking about the marrow of your heart. That quiet absorbent reflective core of your heart, the inner being of your heart that knows its true nature and fulfills it. The heart has a life of its own. It knows no armament. It knows only disarmament, or rather, peace.

You have one Father, and that is I. You have one heart, and that is Mine. You have one longing, and that is for Me. I have one fulfillment, and that is you.

Accrue to your truth, and you have accrued to Me. Truth and I are the same, and the truth of you is the same as Mine.

"My Father's House"

God said:

"My Father's house has many mansions" means there are dimensions you do not remember visiting. I use the word "dimension", but that does not say accurately what I mean to say. There is no word for what I want to say.

It is like — only like — you have a house with a third floor you are not aware of or have forgotten (not aware of and forgotten are the same) — and then suddenly you open a forgotten door (you have an insight) and there are the stairs, and there are the other rooms, treasures there all the time, but hidden from your view. They can only be hidden temporarily.

One Thread at a Time

God said:

Instead of thinking that life is complicated, think of it as simple. How you think, you will have. Perhaps you want life to be complicated. In that case, continue to think that it is.

If you prefer instead that life be simple, then consider it so.

Simple has to do with one. Days unfold one at a time. Moments unfold one at a time. There is only one thing you can do at a time. There is only one thought you can have at a time.

When you assail yourself with many thoughts and do not pick one, then your life appears complicated.

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