God said:

When you look up, literally and figuratively, you meet My eye. In truth, there are no directions, but on earth, you are surrounded by direction, and so you must look up. When you look up — the actual act of looking up — presents you with another dimension. Your looking up reminds you of Heaven. Your looking up is a signal to you. It signals that I am, and that I am for you.

Looking up breaks a chain of your mundane thought. Looking up is not so much a search as it is an awareness of something more. It is a beginning. Consider turning your eyes Heavenward during the day. Whenever you think of it, just look up.

It doesn't matter what you see. It matters that you look. Looking up is looking up, and so you look up rather than down.

You do not need to be reminded to look down. That is what you have been doing all along, looking down, or looking back. Even your looking forward has been looking for an escape-hatch from the present. So, look up. Let your eyes move in another direction. Let your eyes be seen.

Perhaps your eyes are stars that twinkle for the sake of Heaven. Perhaps Heaven fills itself with your eyelight.

You look up, but that does not mean I look down. I meet your eyes from every angle. I meet your eyes from every degree. I meet them from within you as well.

Look up, and there will be no ceiling.

I call you to Me all the time, and your looking up is a signal that you hear.

Let your eyes widen. Feel them grow larger as you look in the direction you call Heaven.

Bring Heaven down to earth with your eyes.

Lift earth to Heaven with your mighty vision.

Inculcate My vision. Let My gaze strengthen yours. My eyes cut through all the fog, and so must yours. Look up, and remember Our connection, so pure and so true, Our connectedness. It is one fell swoop of love. It is a merging. It is a merging from disparity into unity.

I pull you by your eyes. I pull you to Me with the light of your eyes. Light attracts light. When you look up, you look lightward.

I send angels to drop pearls of love into your eyes.

I am an eyewash. You need no other. My love washes the screen of your vision. I polish your heart. I soften it. I embrace it. I nourish it through your eyes. Your eyes are an entry-point. Your eyes are dials set to Heaven.

Your eyes cannot be content except with wholeness.

The light of Heaven will not dazzle you. It will calm you. My brightness soothes. The light of Heaven cools. It settles you. You are at Home in Heaven. It is your Home. It is where you are from.

You are a pioneer on earth, but a veteran in Heaven. Heaven is not unknown to you. The Known is known, and it is you who looks from Heaven to earth. The beam of light from your eyes courses back to you, and you are lighted. And then when you look at earth and the contents of it, you light it up.

Refuel yourself with an upward glance. Relight your life. Re-ignite it. Let your eyes drink in the stars of Heaven and reflect them on earth.

This is no effort. This is natural, and it is unstoppable.

I, God, light the hearts of Humankind. The light is set off in your eyes. Once entered into your eyes, once re-entered, the light of Heaven casts itself upon earth. The light from your eyes matters, so look upward so that I may bless your eyes with My light unshadowed so that you may brandish My light on earth for the encouragement of all.