Remember Being

God said:

Remember rest. You remember encounter very well. Now remember rest. Do not be ashamed to rest. Roll your body over on the comfort of bed, and let your mind rest from the hurly-burly of life too.

You do not always have to be doing. Remember being. Being is what is always there. It stays when you stop doing.

How connected is thinking to being, you wonder. Well, you are a being who thinks, but think less. Recognize more.

Thinking is weary travel. Being is instant, and being is eternal. Your thoughts are companions. They accompany you, sometimes to your dismay. But thoughts are not your being. Often they are like tour guides who won't be quiet and let you just enjoy. They like to explain everything and race here and there in their loud rampant voice.

Let your thoughts rest a while too. Let them get off and disband for a while. Let the energy that goes into so much thinking gird itself for greater thought.

Thoughts are only impulses of thought.

Let your thoughts rise from deeper, and you will have deeper impulses and deeper thoughts that leap you further.

You do not know as much as you like to think. At the same time you know far more than you think. Let more of your knowing rise. Give it a chance to evidence itself.

You are an undiscovered treasure.

Your recognition is necessary. No one else's.

You have looked for recognition from outside you, and so you have set a trap for yourself, and you have caught yourself in it.

Look for knowing within you and not for the recognition without.

What the world and the populace within it think of you is incidental. What you think of yourself is paramount.

Let your thoughts about yourself arise from Me, and then you will know what you know.

Troubles of the world are very exciting things. They allow you to cluck your tongue and throw up your hands. You like to be powerless. You who are so powerful like to think there is nothing you can do about world events, that they are outside you, the further away from you the better. Your thoughts attract, and your thoughts are attracted to world woe. Your thoughts attach themselves.

Do not think that there is little you can do. Your thoughts are powerful, so change your thinking. Widen it. Do not think you do little or nothing when you place others in My light.

Consider that you help those in trouble by seating them at a conference table with Me.

Sometimes the more I am needed the less I am considered, as if I am a separate factor in the lives of men. You think that I am very nice, but powerless to change the course of events. You think that perhaps I am a nice hobby, but not mainstream.

You may think that moving pins on a map is more instrumental than consulting with Me. You may think that outer action is more vital than inner being.

And that is just why you feel helpless about world events, because you do not know the power of your inner being.

Stop bemoaning the exterior events of the world, and start sending out My light. Do not think that My light is extraneous. Does not My light hold up the whole universe?

Extend My light to where shadow reigns. Anything else but My light is mere babble or short-sighted enterprise, or twists and turns of male energy. The world needs to weave new stitches, not cover up. Weaving is not a project that belongs to men alone.

There is nothing that is hopeless, and there is no one who is helpless. Distance exists only in Human terms, not on My terms. And so you are in the midst of the fray. It is not far away from you. It is as close as your heart. Let your heart heal the wounds.

Send your heart out to where it is needed. Send your hearts out like nurses. Your hearts heal the wounds from the inside out, and that is the only healing of count, because it is the only healing that lasts. Be a benefactor to the world. Do not throw your hands up.


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