inner turmoil

Be the First to Step Forward

God said:

Good morning, My beloved children, who struggle and twist and turn in life because you believe you have to in order to exist. And so you enter the fray. That is your error, that you believe it is necessary to fight life. Therefore you parry and thrust for all you are worth, and you wear yourself out with fighting ghosts when you could befriend them.

Cleanse Your Heart

God said:

Inner turmoil comes because there is a block in your heart. You think something outside you caused concern. Something occurred outside you, and, concomitantly, the heart is blocking itself. When the heart is clear, nothing is a stumbling block.

The Human heart is clear in love. It is murky when its aorta is pinched by sense of anything other than love.

Your heart registers its dismay at being out of love at any moment. Of course, this is a mirage, and this is what your heart wants you to know and tries to tell you.

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