Cleanse Your Heart

God said:

Inner turmoil comes because there is a block in your heart. You think something outside you caused concern. Something occurred outside you, and, concomitantly, the heart is blocking itself. When the heart is clear, nothing is a stumbling block.

The Human heart is clear in love. It is murky when its aorta is pinched by sense of anything other than love.

Your heart registers its dismay at being out of love at any moment. Of course, this is a mirage, and this is what your heart wants you to know and tries to tell you.

Your heart is true. It knows what discomfort is, and it would have none of it.

The opposite of discomfort in the heart is not comfort. It is love. Of course, love is a comfort, but comfort doesn't matter. Love does.

Out of love is out of sorts.

Of course, you cannot be out of love. You can only detour yourself from it. And that means detouring yourself from Me. And why would you do that?

Only to punish yourself would you. You may prefer to feel that the punishment of heartache is foisted on you, but you are punitive to your heart when you keep woe to it.

Unclutter your heart. Keep it a clear channel for love. Leave no impediments to love.

Squeeze out of your heart all that does not belong to it.

Just as you look for fault outside yourself, you look for fault within. You are an experienced successful faultfinder. Look not for fault within your heart. The same way that your stomach may be upset, heartache is the heart's upset.

Settle your heart with love. Take love as an analgesic. Dispense with the torture of your heart.

You find cause for distress. Search for cause is your difficulty. Linear thinking is your difficulty. You try to teach your heart a language that is foreign to it. Love is the only knowledge your heart knows.

All your attention on what caused this and what caused that is an attempt to apply logic where it does not apply. Do not deter your heart from its course of love.

Affixing cause to the upset in your heart is affixing blame, and it is a self-inflicted wound. You were never cast out from the Garden of Eden. You cast yourself out. You considered you did something wrong. That thought from your mind made your heart falter.

You can restore your heart to its original harmony. No one can offset your beautiful heart from its natural accord but you. Set your heart straight now. Align it with its Source. I am the Source of Love. I am not the source of suffering. Only a twisted thought twists your heart. A twisted heart becomes hardened to itself.

Do not brace your heart. Be not traitor to your heart. Be solvent to it. Be kind to it. This is your one heart. I planted it. I planted a rose in your heart. There is nothing you have to do but to let it grow.

There are no weeds except those you select. Listen carefully to what I just said. You admit words into your heart. They are false. They have no roots, but you take them in anyway. In fact, you invite them. From some misguided sense, you take in derelict thoughts and nourish them.

Cleanse your heart from anything that is less than love. Everything else is less than love.

Your sense of justice is less than love. Your sense of justice does not do justice to your heart.

I water your heart now, and I tell it to grow.


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