alignment with God

A Great Song

God said:

If you are going to sing, why not sing a great song? When you consider life a song, can you not make your song a great one? Can you not make it a beautiful song of life you sing and savor? Whatever song you sing, it will be heard all around the world and return to land beside you again and again. Your song already vibrates everywhere. This may be hard to imagine, but this is how it is.

Be the First to Step Forward

God said:

Good morning, My beloved children, who struggle and twist and turn in life because you believe you have to in order to exist. And so you enter the fray. That is your error, that you believe it is necessary to fight life. Therefore you parry and thrust for all you are worth, and you wear yourself out with fighting ghosts when you could befriend them.

Cleanse Your Heart

God said:

Inner turmoil comes because there is a block in your heart. You think something outside you caused concern. Something occurred outside you, and, concomitantly, the heart is blocking itself. When the heart is clear, nothing is a stumbling block.

The Human heart is clear in love. It is murky when its aorta is pinched by sense of anything other than love.

Your heart registers its dismay at being out of love at any moment. Of course, this is a mirage, and this is what your heart wants you to know and tries to tell you.

What You Are Left With

God said:

Making comparisons is tenuous. Making comparisons either lifts you up or puts you down, and so you put yourself at dis-ease. How do the cells of your body know what to think when you don't? One day you are wonderful and better than everyone else, and the next day you are deflated and can hardly lift your head.

When you inflate yourself, the cells of the body follow. When you negate yourself, the cells of your body also follow. What can they do but follow your thought?

The Heart Is the Entranceway

God said:

There is such a fine line between something's making sense to you and its feeling right to you. Actually, they are the same, only sometimes you let someone else's sense of things sway you. When something strikes you as true, it makes sense to you and it feels right. Truth always makes sense in the heart. It is the world that does not make sense.

Align with God

God said:

The fault you find with anyone is your own. Faultfinding is your greatest fault. Instead of finding fault, see the innocence of one who commits a fault, and you will emulate and reveal Me.

I do not find fault. I see Truth. I see the truth of you.

No matter how it seems, no one is trying to displease you. Whatever someone does, they are trying to please themselves. They feel they are unworthy, and they want to make up for it. If they think they are unworthy, then they are not seeing themselves as they are, and they will not see you as you are either.

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