unconditional love

The Sunrise of Your Heart

God said:

Your heart is a beautiful sun meant for all to see like a sunrise. The sun of your heart can be covered up, and yet it continues to shine its light. You can cover up your love as clouds cover the sun, yet the clouds do not stop the sun. The clouds do not even touch it. The sun shines regardless of what is superimposed upon it. The sun of your heart shines the same no matter how many fences and moats and shades of night do their cover-up.

When You Stand on a Mountaintop

God said:

You have perhaps been in the pattern of being selfish. It doesn't matter. Today you can be unselfish. It isn't really unselfish that you have to be, for the opposite of selfish isn't really unselfish. The opposite of selfish is generous.

Be generous. Come from a place of strength where it is easy for you to be generous.

Get Closer to the Vastness

God said:

Love is the only way, beloveds. As I say this, I believe that you and I may not have the same definition of love. I certainly don't mean love sweety-sweet. I don't mean that love has to look a certain way. I don't mean that love always gets you the immediate result you want. It's not that you predicate love and that you love FOR something in mind. It is that you love. You love for love's sake, for your sake, and for Mine.

This Is How Love Works

God said:

You know the reciprocity of Oneness of Love when you give milk to your baby. Serving the baby is serving yourself. Your breast is emptied, and your baby's tummy is full.

That is an example of love and how mutual and natural it is.

And if you give your baby milk from a bottle, still you are giving the love from your heart.

As you serve another, you serve yourself. This is how love works.

This is not to say that you divest yourself in order to serve. To love does not mean to sacrifice. To love does not mean that you are deigned to sacrifice.

Being Does Not Own

God said:

Feel what peace is like. You can have it now. Feel it, and you have it.

When you love, when you truly love from your heart as love loves, then you are at peace.

As you hear Me say that, you may sit up straight and say that isn't so, that you have much anxiety concerning love, that you have perhaps most of your anxiety concerning love in one form or another.

With Love and Consideration for All

God said:

Listen well to the silence within you. Within the silence are all the answers you are seeking. You understand, I am speaking of the silent Known yet Unknown within you. It cannot be seen. It cannot be heard except as your heart hears it. It speaks volumes to you, beloveds, this silence in which all is contained.

Choice vs. Sacrifice

God said:

It is time for you to know in the depths of your heart how much you mean to Me. You mean everything to Me. You are My very life walking on Earth. You are the essence of Me distributed to the world so that I may be known. It doesn't matter by what Name I am known. That matters not at all. What matters is that love is known, and I am that Love. My love in you grows in your awareness in increments. The more love you perceive, the more love you give. We don't concern Ourselves with love that you receive, because that will naturally happen without your looking for it.

The Altar God Wants You to Raise

God said:

You know you are important to Me, yet what if you were not the most important thing to yourself? How would your life be different? If you were not uppermost in your mind, what would be uppermost instead? What would fade and what would grow? And what then?

Life in the world is all about you at the same time as it isn't about you at all.

Your Heart Makes the News Today

God said:

How I love you! I simply love you. You who read this, I love you. And you who do not read this, I love you. You are My beloved. You always were. You are My beloved right now. And you forever will be. Summed up, that means eternally you are Mine, My beloved Mine.

What If You Could?

God said:

What if you could remove the word they from your vocabulary? Then from whom would you be separated? You would not see anyone sitting across from you as opposite to you, and you would not be opposed to anyone's existence. No longer would you ever feel infringed upon, for you would know that everyone is yourself and due all the love and honor in the world and Heaven that you deserve and that you may presently feel has been denied you or taken away from you. You would never feel lack again. You would understand everything and misunderstand nothing.

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