Joy Intact

God said:

Happiness is not to be pursued. Pursued, it runs away. Perhaps you have been chasing it for a long time.

Happiness is not the end-all. Happiness is like a companion who runs along beside you. You can't catch up to happiness. You can only notice it.

Distraction and happiness are often mixed-up. They may have switched places.

We can call happiness a residue. Sometimes it is something left behind, and so happiness becomes an aftermath.

Happiness seems like a stroke of luck, but it is not happenstance.

Sometimes happiness is noticed when anxiety and anguish have left.

Peace is happiness. You have perhaps sought a more dramatic happiness.

Peace is a balance. Nothing gets out of hand.

Over-happiness is not happiness. It is stimulation.

Be joyed with peace. You do not need to be overjoyed. Plain joy is enough.

Consider that joy is your constant companion. Always there, joy is modest. Ever loyal, joy waits for you. Sometimes dances circles around you. All the while, you are caught up in your pursuit. Don't look so far ahead.

Joy is at hand. Joy is your portion.

Be in joy. Choose it. Color your life with joy. Do not wait for it to appear. Enjoin it. Do not wait for an occasion of joy. Be joyous.

No longer escape joy by running after it.

Anoint yourself a giver of joy. Perhaps it is easier for you to give joy than love, or happiness than love. Call it what you will, but give it.

Be a joy-bringer. Carry a basket of joy with you. Be known for your joy. More than anything else, be known for the joy of peace. Hand it out. Radiate it.

Uplift the universe with peace in your heart. Do not consider peace less than joy. Peace encompasses joy. Long live peace and joy. Nothing stands up next to them.

All the dazzle in life is short-lived. Neon lights are only neon lights.

But you possess the light of My heart within you. You cannot be without joy. You are racked up in joy. Why, joy is your very nature. Did you think something else was?

Gloom is not your nature. Gloom is injustice to joy. Be fair to joy.

Joy, love, peace do not enter. They are streams that already run through you. They are not add-on's. They are intrinsic. They are immutable. Established in joy, be it.

Joy is your foundation. What on earth should shake it? What can equal it?

Every atom in the universe is seeped in joy.

Without joy, you would not exist. So, then, knowingly exist in joy.

What did Christ do but give joy? He lifted hearts and eyes. Unlimited in his perception, he gave joy. He pointed out the joy that already was. That is how he gave it. And that is how you give it. Walk through a crowd, and leave joy. Leave joy where it already stands.

Wave a wand of yourself and sparkle joy. Light it up.

From joy, life progresses. Progress in joy.

Happily accept joy. Happily give it. Be a secret agent of joy, and joy will be no secret.

Joy to the world. A son was born. The son is you. Daughter or son, this is your world to light up. Only joy will remove the burdens. Joy will leave peace in its wake. You will leave peace in your wake.

A mighty swimmer weaves through water. The water is not broken by the swimmer's strokes. The water is as it was before the swimmer swam. Be you the mighty swimmer, and be you the mighty water. Be you joy intact.

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