Put Assumptions Aside

God said:

Part of openness is not making assumptions. Assumptions are judgment. Be wary of what you assume. Assumption is thinking you know something when you only know a part of it, if that.

Assumptions are cryptic. They are damning.

My son Christ made no assumptions. Assumptions are limiting, and he limited no one.

You might say he made one assumption, and that was that I was with everyone, but of course that was not assumption but fact.

He did not assume that beneath the surface of illness radiated glowing health. He knew that for a fact.

He did not assume My light was within all. He knew it was so.

He who knew so much did not make assumptions.

But you who know so little, you even make assumptions about what I say.

You cut and paste.

You like to pick out your favorites and discard the rest.

Sometimes you don't want to hear what I say.

I will make the assumption that what you don't want to hear is exactly what you most need to.

How privileged you are to read what I say! What a noble time you live in! How blessed you are!

Make that your assumption: That you are blessed. Assume it even if you cannot believe it. Come from that platform.

I do bless you. You are blessed. You are My blessed child that I bless with wide strokes and fine detail. Everything spread before you is a blessing. Even your discomfort is a blessing.

I have laid signals for you right and left. Not booby traps, but signals.

I wave to you from everywhere. I am brushing your hair now. I pinch your cheek. I caress your ear. I smooth your brow. I tweak your nose. I look into your eyes. I lift you up. I swing you to Heaven.

And you misread the clues I send.

Be glad for the clues.

You are on an Easter hunt of life.

All arrows point to Me.

Meanwhile, pick up the messages I leave everywhere.

Pick up the shiny stones. Pick up the rough ones.

Leave no stone unturned. Skip over the stones.

Stick to your life. Abandon it. Abandon your ideas of it.

Consider what are the assumptions you have made. You have assumed contrary things. I will tell you some of them.

You have assumed that you are not worth much at all. And you have assumed that the world owes you.

You have assumed that the world has cheated you at the same time you are sure it has nothing to give.

You disdain stinginess in others, and you are stingy with yourself.

You honor honesty, but you think you cannot be honest. You think honesty would be your death-knoll.

You assume your love for Me, and you keep Me hidden.

You are not the expert in life that you have pretended to be. I assume you have fooled no one, certainly not yourself.

I assume you are looking for Me.

You assume I must find you.

You put the cart before the horse. In this case, you are the horse, and I am the cart. Of course I am both. I lead you and I follow you, even when you go astray.

What is it that you can go astray from? The truth of yourself. Only the truth of yourself.

You are equal to every other man. You are not better and you are not less. You do not know more, and you do not know less. No one has more of Me than you do. No one knows Me better than you do. You are the instrument of your own life.

You are that which you seek. But you have not yet found yourself. But you will. Know that you will.

You are not a one-dimensioned Earth being. There are many layers to you. You are discovering them. You are beginning to stand up. You are beginning to notice your rightful place on Earth. You are beginning to notice My love. You are overwhelmed with My love. It shakes you up. It takes you out of your assumptions. It takes you out of the backward past into a throttling present.

All assumptions are of the past, and they need to be left there. Leave them, and go on.

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How privileged you are

How privileged you are to read what I say! What a noble time you live in! How blessed you are!

How blessed we are to have

How blessed we are to have you here, Jochen, taking care of so much on the forum.

But, where oh where, are you these past few days! Missing you.

Always around.

Always around.

But there were 3 days

But there were 3 days without you not accounted for!