preconceived ideas

What You Were Made For

God said:

You have ideas of what Truth is or should be. You have ideas of what I should say. Your ideas are preconceived. They are not open but closed. You let in and you keep out.

When I say something that fits in with your presumption of Truth, you nod your head. When it does not, you shake your head and feel: "God doesn't have that quite right… God could do better… Gloria wasn't clear today…"

Put Assumptions Aside

God said:

Part of openness is not making assumptions. Assumptions are judgment. Be wary of what you assume. Assumption is thinking you know something when you only know a part of it, if that.

Assumptions are cryptic. They are damning.

My son Christ made no assumptions. Assumptions are limiting, and he limited no one.

You might say he made one assumption, and that was that I was with everyone, but of course that was not assumption but fact.

He did not assume that beneath the surface of illness radiated glowing health. He knew that for a fact.

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