Teacher of Love

God said:

Get used to great inpourings and outpourings of love. Be not shy. Accept and give. Give and accept. Love is what I have devoted you to. You have been waiting for love to surface, and so now see it. See it rampant, love surrounding you and everyone else. You didn't see it so well before. Now you will see very well.

Without awareness of the magnanimity of love, you have been absent. Love never was absent, so it must be that your awareness was, for love and awareness bloom together. It has ever been so.

You are either embracing love or retreating from it. You may have hummed a tune in the past that kept your awareness away from love, as if love were a topic too big or too advanced for you. Of course, love is not a topic at all. It is an instance. It is a perpetual instance. Love comes in heaping tablespoonfuls, love leaping everywhere for the pure joy of it, love expressing its light abundantly for no reason but to shine. Love finds myriad ways to appear. There is so much love unfurling in the world, you will trip over it. But it will not get in your way. It will clear your way.

In the light of love, all is clear. There is no light shining that is brighter than love. With love, your way is lit.

Love has no language. Love has only itself. What can be said about it? What drawing can be drawn of it? Who can describe love? The dictionary cannot make a definition great enough to begin to touch the magnificence of love. Only love can describe itself, and, yet, everyone knows what love is.

I have told you to embody love in all you do, from washing floors to studying the stars. Now I tell you that you are embodying love all the time whatever you are doing. Even when you express less than love, you know you are departing from it. Even so, there can be no departure from it. Only in your awareness, your stubborn awareness, can there seem to be distance. One way or another, love rules your life. There is no getting away from it. You can only bump into love, no matter where you seek shelter from it.

But why seek shelter from love? Perhaps you have imagined that love is too much for you. Think then less about love, and go with it more. You will find love lovely.

Take love with you wherever you go. When you go into a room, even if it is where you are to be let go from a job, even if you are there to receive a prison sentence, let love be in front of you. Maybe no one else in the room is aware of love. They may be aware of vindication or some inconsequential twist of love of one kind or another, but you will be present with love. You well know now that life is precious and every moment is delectable, and love accompanies you no matter whatever goes on in a room.

If you are called into a room to get a raise and a promotion, the joy you feel may seem like love and worthiness, but the raise and promotion do not say any more about you than anything else does. The raise and promotion are only circumstances, just as a demotion or court sentence are. You are your own teacher of love.

Of course, every room is teaching you love. The whole universe is teaching you love. Even though its ways may be mysterious, love is teaching you head on. And you, who imbue love, are learning love very well.