For All Those Who Walk Beside You

God said:

Birthdays are a reminder that you are a Being born. Birth into a physical body is a great advent. It is not exile. It is not a lesser existence. It is a great occasion. Birth on Earth is not opposed to soul. You did not arrive on Earth without all the blessings of Heaven. You were not evicted from Heaven. Your birth was not the beginning of a sentence to hard labor. If you knew what a blessing it is to be born into the world, and what a blessing you are for the universe, you would rejoice, but you do not comprehend and so you do not always rejoice.

You were not flung out of Heaven. You were bestowed upon the earth as a gift. You were not wrested from My arms. You were not dropped from a great height. My arms placed you gently on Earth. I tendered you to the universe as a testament of My love. Would you rather that the world were not blessed with more souls entering it, and that you were not one of them?

You learned that life on Earth is toil and trouble. You were taught to discern less rather than more. You were taught to put a spotlight on unearthly things. The world unearthly tells you that that which you call discordant is not the true state of Earth. The true state of Earth is beauty. Anything less than beauty is out of step with the world as it was created. All the wrongs and inequities are unearthly, for the earth was not made for unkindness. It was made for love. The Love of God made you for the fulfillment of Love on Earth.

I did not choose you for Earth indiscriminately. And I did not choose you against your will. Free will existed before you were birthed to Earth. Physical life was not foisted on you. You were born for something, and that you will fulfill. Your grasp on your purpose in life is like an idea that floats out of your mind. It is on the tip of your tongue, but you can't quite get at it.

But you are not to dig for your purpose. Serving your purpose is not a hard task. Until your purpose rises to the surface, you can know that your purpose falls under the general category of love. Your purpose is certainly not to hate, to deplore, to ravage, to repress. Your purpose is at least to express that there is purpose on Earth, and that everyone has one.

Once you accept that your birth was not purposeless, then you can perhaps accept that your life is purposeful. Your birth was the advent of your life. Your life is what you are here for.

Now you can take the reins of your life lightly. Wherever you are, your purpose goes with you. You cannot be without it.

And I will tell you something else. The body you carry does not die until your purpose you have fulfilled. You do not need to know your purpose in order to serve it. One way or another, you will.

Understand that your purpose is not exclusively for yourself. You will benefit from your purpose, but it is not for your benefit alone. Your benefit may be incidental. You may not know the effect you have on another and therefore on the world, but you can know that you do affect. You are a part of a process and so you make your way in the world, making it easier for those who walk beside you and for all the others who come after your footsteps have passed.

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How can one read this

How can one read this letter, even vaguely sense that it holds truth, and yet not feel an expansive feeling of self worth billowing up from within? Paraphrasing some of the most important points:

The world was blessed by your birth.

You chose to be here, you were born to earth willingly and with great anticipation.

We all have a specific purpose and it "falls under the general category of love."

We cannot fail to fulfill our purpose, even if we have no idea of what that purpose is.

Our purpose is not just for ourselves, our purpose is to benefit the entire world.

From this I conclude: Each of us is fundamental and essential to life and to the world.

Let us celebrate our lives!