physical death

For All Those Who Walk Beside You

God said:

Birthdays are a reminder that you are a Being born. Birth into a physical body is a great advent. It is not exile. It is not a lesser existence. It is a great occasion. Birth on Earth is not opposed to soul. You did not arrive on Earth without all the blessings of Heaven. You were not evicted from Heaven. Your birth was not the beginning of a sentence to hard labor. If you knew what a blessing it is to be born into the world, and what a blessing you are for the universe, you would rejoice, but you do not comprehend and so you do not always rejoice.

Your God-Given Life

God said:

You would not seek safety unless you were concerned with danger. Concern for safety does not make you safer.

In terms of the relative, all of life is a risk. You are often afraid to take risk, even though it is inevitable. You will gamble at cards, but you think risks in life are too high and, therefore, dangerous.

Rather than think of risk and danger, think of the One Who holds you high above the fray.

It Is the Past You Mourn For

God said:

There is such a difference for you from knowing and living. You know there is no death, and yet you mourn. Do not think I am making small of your grief. I am just pointing out the difference between what you understand and what you live. You are perfectly willing to accept that there is no death, and you may even have moments when you really do accept this, and yet still you cling to yearning for your loved one as he or she once was on Earth. You know there is death of a body, and you have well seen that when the body dies, the person you love is no longer there in that body.

Bless the Day God Gives

God said:

Let birth and death be blessings, and all the life in between be a blessing as well. Why, what else should life be but a blessing, beloveds? What would you prefer to make of the life before you? Choose to be blessed and bless. Why embrace suffering when, for the same money, you can have and give joy? Acknowledge that you are fortunate in life, and relish your life.


God said:

It is nothing against you when your loved ones die. Death of the body is commonplace in life. No one is singled out. It is not a black mark against you to die. Truly, beloveds, it is a gift. Your body gets tired. You are ready to go on to new realms that relieve you of the physical.

God Eases Hearts

Bev to God:

Dear God, I am in Boston helping to care for my mother who is very ill. Some days she is so negative that I feel beside myself. When this negativity is intense, it feels like I cringe to the core of my Being. My sister says she feels like she goes into a black hole, and all of her energy gets sucked out of her.

I don't know how to respond to my mother at times like these. Especially if it goes on for hours. I have told her to ask You for help — that You will help her and also to try not to worry about things.

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