Like a Hummingbird

God said:

Sometimes you call vague stirrings of your soul as restlessness. Consider, then, restlessness as a beginning overture to something wonderful. You could define restlessness as waking up, the stirring between the impulse to rise and the getting up, just as when you wake in the morning, you acclimate yourself before you actually get out of bed. Restlessness is motion readying itself. Restlessness is a like a hummingbird before it alights.

Every single thing in life carries merit. Winter serves a worthy purpose. Spring serves a different one. Or We could say that Spring is Winter pulled forward, just as when a cloth is woven, a thread is pulled back in order to go forward. Next comes next. Without the restraint of Winter, could Spring burst forth so boldly? Even that which you disdain or see as dire carries you forward in life. You are a step ahead because of it.

You perhaps needed a push, or you might have stayed where you were. Why move when all is comfortable? But life does not allow you to stay in the same spot. The up's and down's of life propel you forward like an inchworm, not always as a gazelle.

Circumstances in life are not the making of you, and yet they nudge you. Even the roughest circumstances help you discover more of yourself. Even the greatest difficulties are your friend, for they make you get out of yourself. Life does not allow you to wallow for very long.

Just when you are getting settled on the park bench, an impersonal stick pokes you to get up and move along.

Life is about moving. It is not about staying. Life is not about controlling your circumstances. It is about moving on whatever the circumstances.

When life becomes a hardship to you, do not think you have failed. Do not rate yourself according to what goes on in life. Do not rate yourself at all. But, if you must, rate yourself high for being alive, regardless of how life seems to whisk you around. Despite dry desert, there are oases. You do not wait for them to come to you. You go to them.

However dry your circumstances may seem, however dry they may be, there is water for you to drink. You may have to dig for it. You may have to dig within yourself for the sustenance you so desire.

Desire and restlessness often collaborate. Together, they string your life out. Be glad for what you desire. When your desires are fulfilled, then you are ready for the next one. Desires are your mainstay. Fulfillment is not. But you have thought otherwise. You thought you were here on Earth for the fulfillment of your desires, but you are here to be desireful. With desire or even with cravings, you move. With desire, even with dissatisfaction, you have somewhere in mind to move to. Is that not a good thing?

And is it not possible to be content and still move on in life?

Moving on does not mean haste. It means going further. It means to keep walking. There need not be discrepancy between contentedness and progress. Be content to move on. Roll with the punches of life. Whatever your circumstances may be, you are not obligated to be stuck in them. That which you can change, you change. You certainly can change how you look at life.

What you want life to give to you, give to yourself. You want life to be easy with you? Then be easy with life, whatever it happens to be at any given moment. No need to storm and rage in life any more than there is need just to sit down in it. Follow your own progression. See what comes next.