higher purpose

You Are the Moon of My Love

God said:

There is not a day without sun. Bright or cloudy, the sun is shining. The sun follows its route and it does what it does, and that is to shine. It shines well. It shines on you.

The sun cuts through shadows. Shadows would not exist without sunshine. The sun reaches into every crevice, and it reaches into you. Even the center of the earth is affected by the sun's rays. There is nothing in creation that is not affected by the sun. Do not underestimate the value and the power of the sun.

In Service to Greatness

God said:

Sometimes you quake at the bereavement of your thoughts. Sometimes you feel that all is lost. Consider that all you consider lost or losable is illusion. That is all that loss can be. You can only have the illusion of loss. You certainly have the fear of it. Fear is illusion.

Summer Cottage by the Beach

God said:

I dropped the anchor of My thought, and the world appeared, and you appeared in it. The Earth is a deep ocean of My thought. You stir it around.

My thought designed the mountains and the coves. I made a perfect world. You are operant in it. You are My good fortune on Earth. I placed you here. I secured you to My heart, and placed you on Earth where you discovered time and tapped your foot in space.

Why You Are on Earth

God said:

There is much you do not understand. There is that which you know you don't understand, and there is that which you misunderstand perfectly well.

You long for answers to why questions. Why is there suffering on Earth? Why are you here anyway? Why would anyone choose to be here when they could choose to be in Heaven playing with angels and plucking on a harp?

For All Those Who Walk Beside You

God said:

Birthdays are a reminder that you are a Being born. Birth into a physical body is a great advent. It is not exile. It is not a lesser existence. It is a great occasion. Birth on Earth is not opposed to soul. You did not arrive on Earth without all the blessings of Heaven. You were not evicted from Heaven. Your birth was not the beginning of a sentence to hard labor. If you knew what a blessing it is to be born into the world, and what a blessing you are for the universe, you would rejoice, but you do not comprehend and so you do not always rejoice.

Star Light, Star Bright

God said:

Why do you do the things you do? What are your actions for? What is it you want to accomplish? What is your motive? What is your intention? Why do you do as you do or not do? Consider this every once in a while so you are conscious of what you are really choosing.

Do you choose to appease your ego? Be alert, for following ego is a losing game. One such as you who is made for greatness must make choices bigger than the ones ego would have you make. Ego's whims are too small and fragmented. Self-serving does not serve even you. Make your choices for something bigger than ego.

You Grow in Increments of Love

God said:

Consider all the contrasts in life as platforms you jump from. All that befalls propels you forward. You leap from one view to another. With each leap, you stand at a higher place, even though this higher place may perhaps be imperceptible to you. There really is no stopping in life, for all of life is progressive motion. This includes the situations you would rather not have. There is only motion forward. You have come a long way. That is more than consolation. It is growth.

Your Power

God said:

What are you thinking about today? If you are thinking about problems, switch to something else. Switch to desires. Switch to love.

At every moment you have an occasion for love. Love even your problems, for they are urging you forward, the way a jockey would spur on a horse. Without what you see as impediments to your evolution, you might not evolve. You might keep yourself out of action. You might wander off and twiddle your thumbs or never leave where you are.

What You Have Forgotten

God said:

Life is a panorama that flies past your eyes.

What is there to grasp but the meaning? Scenes occur, and then recur in your thoughts, but life is once, at once. Life is a string of gold that you pull. It is a long kiss. You hold hands with life and swing around the May pole.

You release life, and you expand it. The circle grows ever wider. Life spins fast, like the twirling tiger that melted into golden butter. The essence of your life is spun-gold, gold ever spinning, taking momentary form, then returning to its goldenness.

Be a Pearl-Diver

God said:

Life is not snow, and you are not a snow shovel that shoves it away. Play in the snow while it exists.

Life will melt on its own. It will change of its own accord.

Yes, life is a mirage. Let it be then a mirage that you make the most of. Embrace it.

In life, it is not intended that you wait for another mirage.

Do not starve yourself until you can afford to eat in a fine restaurant. Eat a sandwich now. Take a bite out of life. But do not eat everything in sight.

Sometimes you have let yourself get so fatigued you can hardly lift a finger.

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