giving and receiving

When You Stand on a Mountaintop

God said:

You have perhaps been in the pattern of being selfish. It doesn't matter. Today you can be unselfish. It isn't really unselfish that you have to be, for the opposite of selfish isn't really unselfish. The opposite of selfish is generous.

Be generous. Come from a place of strength where it is easy for you to be generous.

Deep in Your Heart

God said:

Deep in your heart is a well of love. It is your job to pull up the love and serve it to everyone. It is easy once you get the hang of it. Get the hang of it now.

You will create a fire brigade of love. The fire brigade you are part of will put out all fires. You will fill every home with the love from your heart. In unison with those you love, you will become an army of love. Can you feel the waves of your love now overtaking the land? How wonderful is this! Love surges through you and out into the world. This is what you are made for.

Choice vs. Sacrifice

God said:

It is time for you to know in the depths of your heart how much you mean to Me. You mean everything to Me. You are My very life walking on Earth. You are the essence of Me distributed to the world so that I may be known. It doesn't matter by what Name I am known. That matters not at all. What matters is that love is known, and I am that Love. My love in you grows in your awareness in increments. The more love you perceive, the more love you give. We don't concern Ourselves with love that you receive, because that will naturally happen without your looking for it.

Give and Give and Give

God said:

Every child of Mine is meant to receive. Know this: You will receive, but it is not for you to carry the idea that others must give to you. You do not want to think that debts are owed you or that anyone is beholden to you, for you limit yourself when you think that way. You unlimit yourself when you think of what you are to give.

Teacher of Love

God said:

Get used to great inpourings and outpourings of love. Be not shy. Accept and give. Give and accept. Love is what I have devoted you to. You have been waiting for love to surface, and so now see it. See it rampant, love surrounding you and everyone else. You didn't see it so well before. Now you will see very well.

Without awareness of the magnanimity of love, you have been absent. Love never was absent, so it must be that your awareness was, for love and awareness bloom together. It has ever been so.


God said:

Receiving joy and giving joy are not much different. Either way, joy is emanated. When you receive joy, you radiate it. When you give joy, you radiate it. Be a receiver of joy in the universe, and you will be a full-fledged giver of it.

So be a seeker of joy. Look for it around every corner. It is a fruitful thing to have joy on your mind, for soon it will enter your heart.

Make joy your prey. Admit it: you are hungry for joy.

Be a bounty hunter of joy. If joy has bailed out on you, go on its trail and bring it back.

What Hat Are You Wearing?

God said:

If life can be compared to business organization, what department do you work in? Sales? Marketing? Collections? Customer Service? Accounting? Inventory? Shipping? Management? Advertising? Design? Reception? Administration? Manufacturing?

Of course, in function, you skip around and, at one time or another, have worked in all departments.

Circulate What You Want to Receive

God said:

Everything in life circulates. Air does. Books do. Thoughts do. Everything in life recharges itself. When you are out in life, you circulate. But when you stay in, you also do. It is impossible not to circulate. All of life is a meeting with one circulating thing or another.

You even have been known to circulate the past, recycle it and bring it to the present.

Love circulates. Love steps out of the past. Forms of love may hold onto the past, but the love I speak of can only be present.

The Weaving and Interweaving of the Universe

God said:

Everything in life is for a reason, yet there is no reason, there is no cause, and there is no cause to seek. From the vantage of Earth, there isn't a way to understand all the weaving and interweaving of the Universe and life and your life. Your life can only be a puzzle, not to unwind, but to enter into. Your life is like putting your cards down on the table. The cards cannot always be held in your hands. And yet what is revealed when the cards are put down is a simple number, and no more than that. Who can figure out how those particular cards happen to be the hand you held?

To Whom Do You Give?

God said:

When you feel the need for inspiration, this is a good time for you to inspire someone else. Your need is a signal to give that which you wish to receive. Fill another's lack. That is so simple and so wise and so often not considered. Whatever you feel you are lacking today, give some of it to someone else. Make them happy.

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