Give and Give and Give

God said:

Every child of Mine is meant to receive. Know this: You will receive, but it is not for you to carry the idea that others must give to you. You do not want to think that debts are owed you or that anyone is beholden to you, for you limit yourself when you think that way. You unlimit yourself when you think of what you are to give.

Do you not begin to feel this sense of givingness opening your heart and mind right now? Do you not feel the difference between clamping your teeth shut and opening your mouth wide? When you feel the world owes you, you contract the world. Expand yourself first and make no demands upon another nor upon society nor the world.

The shoe is on your foot, not someone else's. You are meant to propel your life, not wait for others to give you your due. Instead, give others that which you believe is due you. This is no sacrifice, unless you consider letting go of resentment a sacrifice. Rising to happiness is the most practical thing you can do. Giving what you like to think you are supposed to receive is a boon you pour upon yourself. This is the meaning of Do unto others …

This advice is not a precaution, but of course it is common sense. When you give that which you would like to receive, give it without reservation. You are not to count what you give out anymore than you are to count what comes in. You are not a bookkeeper of life who keeps a running tally, toting life up with checks and balances That's what misers do, and that's what misers get.

When you hold on, everyone around you unwittingly holds on. When you release, everyone around you unwittingly lets go, and so you allow them to reconnect to their heart and be generous. Generosity cannot be squeezed and shriveled, or it is not generous.

It is not unselfish to give what is in your heart to give. When you think of your Self, all you can do is give, but in that consciousness giving is not called giving. It is called Being.

Why on earth would you hoard your Being and thus keep it from yourself?

You are meant to flaunt your Being.

When you have no thought of needing or the subsequent thought of taking, then you give completely without thought of it. When you sit on a throne, you are enthroned. When you give, you receive, but you do not give in order to receive. Giving with thought of return is not giving. It is planning.

Giving with restriction is not giving.

Giving halfheartedly is not giving.

Only giving is giving.

What if the whole universe were run on giving rather than counting? What if, when one saw a need, he filled it? What if everyone gave to everyone else? What if it were everyone's pleasure to give and to give and to give. Giving would be like waves of the ocean, one after the other, and all would splash in the waves.

No heart would be dry. The motto on earth would be: The more giving, the merrier.

Everyone would leap up to give. And then there would be no one without, and therefore no one to give to. But give you would for the joy of giving, just the way you splash in the ocean for the joy of it. It doesn't gain you anything to splash in the ocean except for the joy of splashing. The joy of giving is the same.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said what pleasure
Give that which you want to have
For the joy of it

Love, Light, and Aloha!


Dear God,

I want to give the way You do.
I want it to be natural and spontaneous to Be so.
I want to give what I would like to receive, and do so from a place of knowing Abundance, and not pretending lack.
From the fullness of my heart, I would like to give and give and give.
I want to give even when my heart may feel empty. I want to give because I know my heart is actually full.
I have heard You say that receiving You is the same as giving You. So I want to receive You completely.
I want to receive You so deeply that I cannot hold myself back from giving.
So deeply I want to drink of Your Love, that I cannot do anything else but give.
I let Your Love transform my perception. I let Your Love reveal The Truth of my heart.
I am feeling closer and closer to You every day. I am feeling Your Love in my heart and I am so glad to be experiencing You.
I am allowing myself to truly accept and acknowledge the Love that is my Self, You.
I surrender to This Love, I let it overtake my thoughts. Thank You