The Spring of New Thought

God said:

When you feel pain and suffering, you are wrapped up in yourself. You have forgotten your place in the world. You have confined yourself to tears and bemoan your solitariness and the neglect the world sheds. To a larger or lesser extent, this is the truth of suffering.

Whether you experience pain as physical or emotional, you have let it contract your world, and then you are appalled at the world for being less than it is meant to be.

When the world appears engaged in smallness, that is a signal for you to expand it. You know how to expand the world. You expand it with your vision, and you expand it with your heart and mind.

When you tighten a tourniquet, you expect to contract the blood flow. When you loosen a tourniquet, you expect to increase the blood flow. You are not surprised when the flow decreases or increases.

All too often, your thoughts are like tourniquets that decrease the flow of life. That which you rail about, you have foretold. And you hold the tourniquet tight when it is time to let it go. It is always time to loosen the tourniquet. Always, Beloveds.

If you did not hold judgment, you would free your thoughts. But you hold on to your thoughts to defend your righteousness, and so you stamp your foot, and so you sulk, and so you contract the world.

Let begrudging thoughts be like little blackbirds that fly out the window. What pie would you make of them that would lift the universe? Let the flocks of your thoughts go. Keep one thought, and let it be of Me. That is the same as saying to keep one thought, and let it be of love. Loosen your heart strings so that they may reach everywhere, and you will know, really know, that Oneness is not aloneness but rather a Union indivisible under God, for the love of God that pulses in your heart.

Thoughts are meant to be freed, not kept. You tie yourself up with thoughts. Your thoughts bind you. Unbind your thoughts.

You sentence yourself. In innocence, you would not sentence anyone. Who would be guilty when you are innocent?

I am aware that you hold out little hope for the world. That is because you look back, and turn your heart to salt. You recall the destructive signposts and magnify them. They made the news. You hold terrible acts in place with your fingers, and you count them. You forget the signposts that point high. Sometimes you did not even see them. Yet they also abound.

When you see that your thoughts multiply in the world like herds of cattle, and you begin to see the rampage that your thoughts support, would you keep them? You want peace and joy, and yet you dwell on the troubles of the world. No wonder you are troubled. Focus less on incident, and more on wholeness.

Give birth to new thinking. New thoughts, like babies, bring happiness. Bring out fresh thoughts today. Throw out those you have stored in the cupboard of your mind.

Your complaining about the world and its events is like your cooking a big stew on your stove. The pot of stew stays on the stove for a long time, and it gets heated up. It simmers on the stove. And you have a lot leftover that you reheat tomorrow or the next day, or you put it in the freezer in order to thaw it later.

Come, let Us put an end to renewed suffering. Let Us plant new seeds on the universe. Let today be the Spring of New Thought.