state of enlightenment

Finding God Is Remembering

Gloria to God:

Dear God, it seems extra sweet when you talk about Christ.


Such a sweet vibration. Such a clear connection. That same exists within you. When it is strummed, you like it.


The other day you spoke about enlightenment.


Kerry to God:

Dear God, I am having such incredible experiences. My dreams are profound and the interpretations easy. This quickening I am feeling often feels out of control. My body trembles, and I see the color purple shooting out of little children when they capture my heart, and I see little purple colors dancing around other beings. Am I going mad?!

As I posed this question, I picked up an advanced spiritual book, opened it at random, as it says to do, and I read:

What Greatness Might Look Like

God said:

You have an old image of yourself, perhaps one handed down.

Love Is Going to Burst Forth like a Million Stars

God said:

In this lifetime, as Earth measures lifetimes, you are going to soar, and you are going to recognize your soaring. You will no longer settle for what you once thought was the best you could get. I am talking about your happiness, beloveds, not the material. The secret is that you will know what does indeed give you happiness. You will not settle for the mundane, as if the mundane fulfilled your aspirations. You would no longer be a hollow man. You will allow yourself to be filled with joy.

It Is Called Enlightenment

God said:

You do not give up a throne to acknowledge the Greater Power that is within you. It is within you, but it is not yet your Realization on the surface of life. When you are past ego, there won't be anything that is not I. I am a huge Vastness and you are gaining daily. Gaining means that you are letting go of all that would demarcate the Vastness. In that sense you gain what you already have.

Greater Than Enlightenment

God said:

Beloveds, when you remind yourself that you are forever, what is your hurry? Why rush through life when you can slow down and savor it?

So That All the World May See

God said:

Your intellect keeps you back from full enlightenment, and so you are busy with your brain and less attuned to your effulgent heart. You may have heard that you are already fully enlightened, but that is not your experience. In order to experience it, you have to be aware of it. You experience through awareness. I would say that you are aware of too many other things that get in the way of Reality and Self-realization. Knowledge becomes ignorance. The intellect takes twists and turns. A treasure lies buried among debris.

A Steady Beam

God said:

I do not usually come to My children as flash. As active as I am, I am quiet. In the quietness lies My strength. Flashiness does not last. It would be too much for you in any case.

Experience awareness of Me, but do not expect Me to appear in a blaze of light. Look not for a phenomenon. Just look for your quiet awareness of God Almighty.

Your experience of Me is great. You can know that because you exist. You exist with Me. You would not exist without Me. What do you need a great big flashy experience for?

Oneness Supreme

God said:

The most you are guilty of is being in a physical body on Earth. If you were not in your body, you would make vaster choices. Your splendor would not be inhibited. Your glory would shine. But how can you be guilty of what is, no more nor less, than a short-term jaunt on the Planet Earth? How can you be guilty for having made a gallant choice, a privileged choice, to participate in life on Earth for a little while?

If you were not in a body, you would know the realm you live in. There would be no boundaries. All would be seen for what it is.


God said:

There will no longer be the thought, "To each his own". The concept of ownership will be of the past long gone, no matter to what the ownership refers to. Whether ownership refers to objects or ideas or anything at all, instead of "To each his own", it will be known that "To each is everyone's. To all belongs all. There is only Oneness now."

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