It Is Called Enlightenment

God said:

You do not give up a throne to acknowledge the Greater Power that is within you. It is within you, but it is not yet your Realization on the surface of life. When you are past ego, there won't be anything that is not I. I am a huge Vastness and you are gaining daily. Gaining means that you are letting go of all that would demarcate the Vastness. In that sense you gain what you already have.

There is no dichotomy between Us, but this is realized only from a different perspective. Until you reach that greater perspective, you can only give lip service to it. It is a good thing to give lip service to it, but until you know only Our inseparable Oneness, it doesn't hurt you to recognize that you are having a thought. It is a good, wise thought, but nevertheless, until you fully consciously experience the Oneness, and have no other experience or recourse, until then, it doesn't hurt to consider yourself a servant to God, as if I were a Higher Being Who exists somewhere grand outside of you. Love Me then as high in the sky as you want Me to be, for that is easier for you to honestly do. For the most part, you do not yet honor yourself enough to let go of the petty pelting ego that doesn't really exist at all and yet keeps you from the fullness of the One Light that shines, and shines as you.

There is not much difference between your being My instrument and being My servant. I am your Servant, after all. I am the Server and the served. When you release your ego and live the Truth that you are, you will wholly serve the universe, and you will know you are serving Yourself.

This is a thin line We walk here. I am you. You are I. Only Oneness exists. But right now you see differently. Today I acknowledge your present point of view, what you grasp, and I want to give you carte-blanche. Even Truth stated is not quite truth until you see the Light of it. You shine this Light and you shine in it. There is One Light, but right now you see hundreds and thousands. Oftentimes, you barely see the flicker.

There is Truth, and there is that which you grasp of it. And yet it is all within your grasp! But there is nothing you have to prove or insist on. There are no demands to make and no demands to be carried out. Living life and living Oneness are effortless.

You are witness of all that you are. You witness the Witnesser. You witness all that the Witnesser witnesses. And you are the in-between as well. You are the scenery and the background that you scamper on. You are the Light and you are the Oneness even while you are the purveyor of separateness, a mere illusion but — to you — factual. Even as you know that facts and statistics belie the truth, you believe in them, and you dart around in life according to them. You quote them.

Quote Me more. Quote Me to yourself. Let Me hear Myself through you.

The time will come — it is imminent — when you will bathe solely in the Pool of the Oneness of Love, and then that's what there will be. The fantasies will no longer be on center stage. They will be like humorous veils. You will see the relative as the rolling film that it is, and you will see the Truth of Creation blazing in all its Glory. It is called Enlightenment. You are coming to it. It seems far away to you, but it is very near. Just as near as I am to you.

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