The Propensity of Love

God said:

Consider all entanglements as engagements. Engagement is a troth, and you, betrothed to Me, are amenable to friendly resolutions in all situations. Consider entanglements in the world like a skein of wool thrown; you catch it, and you disentangle it. When you disentangle knot by knot, you may never finish. Disentangle by the call of your heart, and threads untangle themselves.

Engaged in life on Earth, you are not meant to be a staunch defender of your point of view. You are meant to be amenable. Engage your heart with another's. The one across from you is just like you. Like you, he is trying to make his way in a maze and doesn't always do well. Hold hands, and you both will more easily find the way out. The way out is always love.

In what would you like to engage your energy? In love or in strife?

Decide in advance that everything is already solved. Dilemmas do not exist. Dilemmas are just your astigmatism. Your astigmatism throws you off course. Love puts you back on course. Love is the course. Who would choose otherwise?

But you have. For the sake of ego-preening, you have chosen otherwise. Change your choice now.

What astigmatic situation are you involved in? What is making your heart grimace? With whom do have a sense of reprisal? What outcome are you insisting on, and to what avail? What monkey-wrench do you tend to throw in?

Let go of entanglements. Have engagements instead. Engage your heart. Put it into gear. Love the heart of another. His heart is in the right place. Yours is too.

What are disagreements anyway? Must they be unpleasant? Can't they just as well be pleasant? Who said you had to agree with anything? Perhaps you don't have to hold on to that you are holding on to.

When someone wants to do you a favor, let them. You do not have to control. You have to let go of control. With control, you try to rearrange the characters and setting in a play, but you don't even know the story yet. Let the players take care of their own roles. Yours is to be easy-going.

You are not meant to be tight-fisted. You are not meant to be tight-anything. You are meant to weave easily throughout the universe and in the field of thought. Thoughts are not meant to be held on to, so why hold on to them as if they matter more than love?

Nothing matters more than love. Nothing matters as much. Pull love into the equation.

You know that it is good to bake with love. If that is so, why not drive your car with love? Why not negotiate with love? Why not do everything from love? Imagine what you can accomplish from the silent level of love. Imagine what you already have.

When you let go of control, you are operating in the arena of love.

When you listen with equanimity, you are in the full bloom of love.

When you can consider the possibility that you are sometimes mistaken, you have stepped into the shoes of love.

When you can be mindful of your own heart, you can be mindful of others' hearts. Love is giving great swath to your heart. Your heart is meant to go far and wide. Your heart is meant to engage again and again, overlapping engagement, layers of engagement, all revealing love.

Love will star in an engagement today. All entanglements will be turned into engagements by the propensity of love in your own heart.