The Crown You Wear

God said:

Gratitude peels the veneer off your heart. How smooth your heart becomes with gratitude! How clean, how fresh, like a freshly-peeled potato! Gratitude peels off any dereliction. Gratitude is your heart readied for Heaven. A heart with gratitude is raw. There is no covering to peel off when you feel gratitude. There is no impediment to the free flow of your heart.

Gratitude is the revealing of your innocent heart. You did not expect all your good fortune. You did not demand it. You did not say it was coming to you. When it came, you were delighted. You were glad. You paused a moment and said, "Look at this. Look at what has come to me." That pause is your gratitude.

In truth, your heart is filled with gratitude toward life. In the past, your heart may have protested, but now your heart leaps in delight at what I have wrought. I have wrought you, and I have wrought all the blessed miracles of love that occur every day that you are party to or witness of.

Being grateful does not make you a pauper or beggar. It makes you a King, for gratitude is the crown you wear. Gratitude is awareness of your royalty. In gratitude, you have some inkling of greatness. Let your gratitude to Me be great. Let your gratitude for the greatness of life be vast. Let your gratitude encompass the whole universe and all the galaxies, seen and unseen.

Be grateful for that which you have not yet received. Be grateful for that which you have been given and for what you give. Be grateful for the pealing you know as gratefulness, for your heart is a church bell that rings. What an amazing reverberation of love gratitude rings in your heart! How magnificently it swells your heart! Your heart swells in an aspect of love called gratitude. Let Us call gratitude the magnitude of love.

Loving is gratefulness. When you feel love in your heart for another, you are expressing your gratitude that they exist and that they exist in your life. What squabbles can there be when your heart is rife with gratitude? Be grateful for the floor under your feet and be grateful for the canopy of the sky, for the sky is a great umbrella of love over you, while the floor is your dais.

Be grateful even for potato skin. It serves its purpose, and it has its use.

Not a drop of anything in the universe is wasted. Not a drop is for naught. All settles to itself and gains its bearings. Elevators go up, and elevators go down, but the elevator is the same going up as it is going down. You ride an elevator of life and only think that the elevator can go down. That feeling in the pit of your stomach is not reliable, for it comes from a thought of yours, and We know your thoughts are not reliable. You change them all the time, yet you don't change them enough. You let your thoughts become stubborn ponies, and then you call them beliefs.

Gratitude is not a belief. It is a wave of love, and waves flow. Beliefs stand still. Beliefs are not really much at all. Beliefs keep you from being innocent. Gratefulness is innocent. It is a pail of water pulled up from the well of love. From the depths of your heart, gratefulness comes.

Be grateful that gratitude melts your heart and molds it into Mine.