Pure Love

God said:

Any darkness in your heart is easily erased. It is like soot. Darkness is not intrinsic to your heart. It is just something on the surface that the flow of love will wash away. You have already experienced this lovely cleansing of your heart. You know that love brightens and polishes your heart. We can say that love is the mother of your heart, always ready with a face cloth to wipe it clean.

You have forgotten your purity. You believe in impurity. You have convicted yourself of it. After all, your thoughts are not pure. Often they are not. But purity is of the heart not the mind. Your heart is pure. I have said so, and I made it so. Each heart is innocent. Each heart beats, and it beats for love. If your heart is covered with soot, then soot is only a covering. The inner core of your heart remains pure. You are the pure-hearted. You are pure love seeking pure love.

Even your most impure thoughts are seeking a Oneness. You want to conjoin with another. What is anger even but wanting to get closer? In anger, you want someone to notice you and come closer. In understanding, everyone comes closer.

Anger is a demand for Oneness. Even one who murders wants to end separation. He will not have it exist, and so he kills what he sees as separate. He does not yet know that the separation is within himself, for he is separated from the truth of his heart and the truth of life on Earth. He misguided himself into believing that the surface is all there is of life, and so he took into his own hands matters that are not his to take. He must have convinced himself that there is nothing but the surface of life and that he can cause injury and find his happiness.

Doesn't it take great innocence to believe that life consists merely of skimming its surface? Isn't it supreme innocence to believe that damage can bring profit and that hurting one heart can possibly heal another?

He who curses curses himself.

He who robs robs himself.

He who undoes another undoes himself.

He who gives boons to another receives them.

He who bestows kindness is kind to himself.

He who gives love gives it to himself.

In one sense you are separate from your acts. In another sense, you are your acts, for you are a sole actor playing all the parts.

When you are angry, you are angry with yourself. No matter what you seemingly attach your anger to, you are the recipient of it.

When you let go of the fol de rol of life, you spin love. You become the wheel of it. The sparkler of it. The pure channel of it. A fine violin of it.

Love is pure, and you are love.

You are a spinning wheel of love. The center of you is love. The center of you spins like a windmill. A breeze of love spins you. You are the spinner and the spun.

You well know that your thoughts echo throughout the universe. You must know that your love does also. Do you not yet know that you are a pure radiance of love and the pure receptor of it?

Love cannot be impure, or it is not love. Love does not have a hidden agenda. Even love covered up can be nothing but love covered up. Love can only be pure, and your heart, no matter how it wobbles, is made of pure love. You are your heart. Your heart is what you are. You are the vibrancy of pure love.