Oneness Supreme

God said:

The most you are guilty of is being in a physical body on Earth. If you were not in your body, you would make vaster choices. Your splendor would not be inhibited. Your glory would shine. But how can you be guilty of what is, no more nor less, than a short-term jaunt on the Planet Earth? How can you be guilty for having made a gallant choice, a privileged choice, to participate in life on Earth for a little while?

If you were not in a body, you would know the realm you live in. There would be no boundaries. All would be seen for what it is.

Without physicality, there would be no territory. There would be no such thing as selfishness. There would be no pain, no illness, no disfigurement, no overweight. There would be no contest. There would be no conflict, for what would there be to conflict with? There would be no paralysis. There would be no inertia. There would be no gravity. There would be no despair.

But you have the add-on of a temporary Human body, and, lo and behold, physicality is worshipped. It is featured in magazines and in movies. It is featured everywhere as if the body were what life on Earth is about. Much to-do is made of it, of course, but the body is a tiny thread of your existence. It is a small interim. It is as if you were relegated to a Human body, as if the body were the extent of you, when, all the while, in truth you transcend physicality and futuristic time and space. That you reside in a body is a kind of science fiction with an unreal quality to it. Life on Earth is unreal. It is the fiction of fiction. It is fiction believed.

Your body harbors Being. Being is King, not the frail body. But the body provides you with exercise. Movement of one kind or another fills up your imagined time. You stretch muscles whereas Being needs no stretching. Being doesn't make a lot of noise. It wears not bold colors. Being is the totality of your existence, whether you notice it or not. Mostly you don't notice it.

Rather, you think you are your ambitions. You think your accomplishments are important, that worldly success is, but worldly success is not the crux of your Being. Beingness is nothing but itself. It never is anything else.

Oneness isn't something you have to achieve. Enlightenment is not something you have to achieve. Health is not something you have to achieve. Happiness is not something you have to achieve. What you have to do on Earth is to stop interfering with them. You may think you favor Oneness, but you have favored duality. Certainly your attention has been on it.

You may think you favor enlightenment, but you have consorted with ignorance and held on to it.

You may think you favor health, but you have put fear and negativity up as defenses to it.

You have rolled out the royal carpet for all that you do not want. And you have relegated your Being to a closet.

Toothpaste is put in tubes. Everything you buy is physical. Money is physical. Everything you contend with is physical. And physical is an idea that you have packaged as reality.

But there is a huge market for Being. All are hungry for its Reality. All seek for more than physicality. Everyone knows the physical is not enough, and can never be enough and that, by itself, it is nothing at all. What is a million dollars really without your devotion to it?

But you, who see mainly through your physical eyes, are everything. And you, who see beyond what the eye can see, are Oneness Supreme.