A Steady Beam

God said:

I do not usually come to My children as flash. As active as I am, I am quiet. In the quietness lies My strength. Flashiness does not last. It would be too much for you in any case.

Experience awareness of Me, but do not expect Me to appear in a blaze of light. Look not for a phenomenon. Just look for your quiet awareness of God Almighty.

Your experience of Me is great. You can know that because you exist. You exist with Me. You would not exist without Me. What do you need a great big flashy experience for?

How much do you want it so you can yell out you did and call it Enlightenment? How much do you want it because you want to be singled out? You want a sign. I have given you many, but I do not make a big commotion. Look for My signs. I leave them everywhere.

The sun and moon and stars are signs. Laughter is a sign. Children are signs. Dew on grass is a sign. Every flower that blooms announces Me. Every dandelion. Everything you can think of signals Me.

My Voice is not thunderous. I wear no spectacular uniform with stars embroidered on it. And yet I am here, trying to get your attention.

Whatever is before you, I AM. Whoever is before you, I AM. Look for Me.

From your heart, I look out and see Myself. And your heart is a mirror of Me. All that I am is contained within you. That is a lucky stroke for you.

I am contained within your heart. These seem like just words to you. But suppose for a moment that this is true, that I am lodged in your heart. I am appropriate here. I sing and dance here. I open your eyes in the morning, and I close them at night. And I never sleep. I am always stoking the furnace of your heart. I have My thumb on your pulse.

If you can suppose this is true, what else do you suppose? What would it mean? What would you be like and what would life be like if I were incredibly and indelibly stationed in your heart?

What would fall away, and what would arrive? What would you keep? What would you see? What would you not see? What would you take to heart when your heart is full of Me?

If I gave you a key, and all you had to do was to turn it, would not your heart become a music box filled with song? And what is the key that would turn your heart to light golden, ever blazing?

Would you misplace the key I gave you? Would you forget about it? Would you call it unimportant and make something else more important?

By now you know the key is love, and that it cannot be discarded. It has to simmer here in your heart until you deign to turn it. Turn that key wide, and see what magnificence enters and stirs itself to and fro.

And why not, once you turn the key on, leave it on? Who said you must fiddle with it, back and forth, perhaps saving it for the right occasion? Who said you had to save it at all?

Love was not meant to be rare. It was not mean to be occasional or even frequent. It was meant to be constant. Leave the lights of love on all the time, day and night. Leave that switch on and never turn it off.

The key I gave you rests in your heart. You are the only one who can turn it. Turn it on now. Begin to see Me right in front of you and everywhere.

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Flashy Experiences

Yes, as I inquire and see that there is no separate individual, there is something that is still looking for something extraordinary and flashy. Something is not content with Silence, with quiet Love. Something is not content with finding God if God is not an object. Something wants a THING to talk about and to brag about.

"Hey! I got that thing called Enlightenment now which means I am special and different from others" - what a contradiction that whole sentence is.

First of all there is no "I" to be enlightened. There is no "I". Second, there is no object called enlightenment that a subject could ever attain. The subject is nonexistent. And the realization of that means that there are no others, so how could there be a special "I" that is separate and more special than others when the realization is that there is no "I" at all to begin with?

Clear all this debris, dear God. Every single bit of it. Let Us end the search and the seeker as well. Whatever that means.