Greater Than Enlightenment

God said:

Beloveds, when you remind yourself that you are forever, what is your hurry? Why rush through life when you can slow down and savor it?

I would even say to you: What is your rush for what you call enlightenment? Life goes on with or without your perceived enlightenment. When you will notice your enlightenment, do you think you will be somewhere else? Do you think you will be transformed? Perhaps you see enlightenment as a kind of enchantment, and, oh, how you want to be enchanted!

The thing is that you have been enchanted into thinking enlightenment is something you have to achieve, as if it is an end in mind, and when it is reached, you can draw a deep breath, and consider yourself a job well done. You are already a job well-done. I made you.

How mighty is the little ant! Do you think you are less?

Sometimes I think you want a certificate of enlightenment, your name up on a wall with a light around it. You want a diploma. You want a title conferred upon you. You have heard enlightenment is good, and you want it.

Seek Me, and enlightenment will take care of itself. You see enlightenment as something bestowed upon you. Rather, be one who bestows. Perhaps your shoe is on the wrong foot.

Consider yourself enlightened now, and go on from there.

If you were fully enlightened right now, what would you be doing? What would you be giving? What would you be adding to the mix of life?

Desire Me. If you had to choose between enlightenment and Me, which would you choose? Which would be the most useful to you? Which would be the most useful to the world?

Serve Me. Serve the universe.

Enlightenment is not a purchase.

Enlightenment is wonderful, but it is not for you to live for. Live for Me right now. You have Me right now. There is no waiting for Me. You do not have to stand in line.

It is your destiny to become enlightened. So what is the urgency? Consider that you cannot miss enlightenment. It is already yours.

But meanwhile and then even after, stay with Me. Do for Me. I request your service. Come over to Me and receive My blessing so that you may give it away. Even enlightenment is something for you to give away. Enlightenment is not much if kept to itself. But, of course, the enlightened are not thinking about their enlightenment. They are thinking of what they can do to serve Me.

No need to be envious of those who are enlightened. Enlightenment is available to all. It is available to you. Meanwhile, until the lion of enlightenment leaps full forth, have Me. Stand in My light. Is that not ample for you today? Gaze upon Me. Drink in My light. I have enough for all.

Beloveds, no one stands closer to Me than you do.

That others have more awareness, well, that is another matter. Be then aware of Me. Give a thought or two to Me. Be aware of My love for you. It is abundant. It is enough to enlighten you.

I have held a golden ball of enlightenment in My hand for you, and it may be that you rush by it. You are looking so far ahead that you skip past the golden ball. Or you may catch it and not recognize what it is. You think enlightenment is far away, but that is out of the question. The question is: How much enlightenment will you accept today?

How much do you want to embrace Me? Enlightenment is a word. I am God which is a more powerful Word.

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