God's Vision, God's Truth

God said:

I am much more than Comforter.

A comforter isn't much.

You need more than comfort.

You need more than palliative.

You need vision.

You need the swiftness of vision, and the settlingness of it.

When you can see, you can know.

When you can see depths, you can see heighths.

When you can see, you can see.

But now at least you can know that your vision has not been clear. It has been muddied. It has been distorted.

You, who long for freedom, have been caught in the shoals of human thought. You have dredged in place, and called that progress.

Consider Me a Mover, for I shall move you beyond the littleness of your existence, the self-centeredness of your existence, for existence itself is not self-centered. You are meant for greatness, and greatness includes great vision. It cannot include small vision. Small vision is self-centeredness.

Be God-centered, and you will step out of boundaries as from the mist.

You will reach a plateau high on a mountain where you can see for miles around. In the purity of that plateau and the mountain air, you will see what you have longed to see and what has longed to be seen by you. What you see, you become. So you must see greatness, and then you will know yours.

Stop thinking of yourself as a little dot in space.

See the space.

Dots are imagined.

You have connected the dots, but what have you connected?

Connect yourself with the space, and you will be extended far beyond it into a realm of spacelessness and timelessness where all dreams meet in reality.

My dears, you have not dreamed enough.

You have settled.

You have settled for what you consider sure things or the illusion of settledness.

You cannot be settled and on the run. And you cannot be settled in too small a space.

Do not settle.

Do not accept less than everything and all of it and all of you and all of Me.

A car can travel so many miles per hour. But your rate of travel is infinite. It takes no time at all. It takes recognition. And what do you have to recognize?

Yourself. You are not a smattering. You are a completeness. You do not need anything outside of you. You need you. You need you with yourself instead of wandering on the periphery. You have abdicated yourself.

Resume your throne.

Are you the son of God or not?

Nothing is asked of you but recognition of that.

I ask it of you, not someone else.

You are the holder of holiness, and you have made yourself a scrap of humanness.

Unless you consider your worth, you do not consider much of Me. No matter what you say, you must see your worth if you are to see Mine. They are not two different things in two different realms. Our worth is simultaneous. Our worth is comprehensive.

Do not put worth outside you.

If worth exists, you are made of it.

Know what you are worth to Me, and you will know what My worth is.

You have been playing on the outskirts of Me.

Will you admit this?

Will you admit that you have been waiting for something?

There is nothing to wait for. All has been given to you. I am waiting for you to accept My picture of you which is the truth of you.

I do not give you daydreams. I give you Reality. What is so hard to accept? That I made you in My image? It is harder to deny than it is to accept because in denial you go against your heritage of life. You turn away your name and pretend amnesia.

It is pretended because there is not one of you who does not know his makings. There is not one of you who does not know Me. Is it such a leap to acknowledge, once and for all, that you are My meeting place, and that I live in you?

How presumptuous to think otherwise!

How presumptuous to think you exist without the holiness of My heart and the magnificence of My thought. You are, indeed, My thought, and you herald My thought.

Be what you are.

Accept what you are.

Come to a high platform from which to leap.

Leap into My heart!

Leap into My Will!

Leap into yourself!

Sometimes you think it is too easy what I say, so you make it harder. With all virtue, you argue with Me. You think I challenge you. Not at all. I suggest you remove the illusory chains that you wrapped around yourself to justify being held to Earth. To whom do you justify anything but to yourself?


Unwind your little chains.

Pick yourself up and venture forth. Heaven awaits you.

You don't have to wait for it. You don't have to wait for Me. You have to catch up. Catch up to yourself, and you will have recognized Me. What you have been seeking has been there all along. Recognize what you have been seeking, and you will know the truth of Me. The truth of Me is the truth of yourself. We are One and the Same.

Be not disappointed.

You have not known your truth.

Now it is time for you to know it.

I put a crown on your head.

It is golden.

Call it halo if you wish.

It matters not what you call it.

You wear it, and you have pretended you don't.

Remove pretense, and keep the crown.

Let it shine mightily.

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So I am not, and it's You

So I am not, and it's You Who reads this? When I "think" of it, how could it be otherwise? Do genes, food, conditioning make a man? How could they? How could they add up to aliveness, how could they constitute Being? Yes, it's You who reads this. How come You have to remind Yourself of Your Youness by reading this? You once said that maybe You bought into Your own performance. I understand now what that feels like. You ended up as I. What a strange strange sense right now of being two who write this. Lovely, too.