God said:

There will no longer be the thought, "To each his own". The concept of ownership will be of the past long gone, no matter to what the ownership refers to. Whether ownership refers to objects or ideas or anything at all, instead of "To each his own", it will be known that "To each is everyone's. To all belongs all. There is only Oneness now."

What care you if you are the head or the foot any longer? Pride of secular ownership will no longer exist. Pride of Oneness will take its place. Pride in sharing will take over. Joy in sharing will take over. Who will want a little box to keep a gem in now? Who will want to say: "This is mine. It's not yours." Who will ever want to say: "Keep your hands off. Stay in your own yard."

Such concepts will be so old-fashioned that you won't be able to conceive of them. I do not know even what old-fashioned thing to compare this change to. But I will say, Who will want to walk when he can fly? Who will want to be alone when he can have communion with the loves of his heart? Whose hand will you not want to take? What secret will anyone want to keep? What joy will not be greater when shared? Who will not want to be in the Ocean of Love? Whom would anyone want to keep out or away from joy?

Now I will give you another question. This is the question: Who will want to eat a whole pie himself? Yes, even that day will come when you will know deeply in your heart that you don't want the whole pie for yourself, and you will gladly share. No more closeting yourself in any way. Now, everything will be out in the open.

No longer will there be doors slammed. No longer will there be doors even closed. The world will open itself to the world. Rather, the world will open itself to Heaven, and light will shine everywhere on everyone gladly and equally.

Differences will still exist, but who will care? Who will even notice? When you can see bright heart-beams, what else would you even contemplate seeing? What would you want to point out but that overwhelming light of love? It will be commonplace yet not one whit less dazzling. Every bit of life will be dazzling. Every bit of your life will be. You will know what you are on Earth for, beloveds. You won't even have to know because you will, regardless, be living it.

There will be no day of reckoning. There will be days of revelation, days of self-realization, days when all is known and therefore nothing left to realize. Self will realize itself. In one fell swoop, Self will be realized. No darkness will exist in any heart. For what perceived reason could darkness exist? Who would want the opposite of light when he himself knows he is the light?

When all is light and seen in its brightness, what separation could exist? Light is light, and light shines. What else could possibly be needed? Oneness means union. What is more unified than light?

Oh, yes, love is, and love is light. Your heart is becoming a bright light, a bright light that will transcend any borders, any boundaries, any limitations.

You, beloveds, are going to know the limitlessness of yourself and the limitlessness of all the seeming others, and you will know Oneness like you never knew anything before, and you will be exalted as I always meant you to be.

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Petals of a Universal Flower

All of us are One...indeed. And our individuality could be envisioned...each as a petal...adorning the periphery of an infinite golden bloom. So...as one petal to another...I honor you...your individuality...and your capacity to love me...and all of the other petals in this enormous circle of a flower...of life and of love. And the perfume of loving nectar...all through the cosmos. Love, Jim.

infinite golden bloom

Wow, I'm dizzy on the perfume.
much love Nancy

Response to Jim:

Jim, your words carry the fragrance of eternity's glory. I pack them away in the baggage room of my memory's deepest thoughts. Thanks

comment on EXALTED

The path to heaven is sprinkled with such beautiful thoughts given in this piece.
That we have changed, or are changing is implicit in every line,
It points to knowing the limitlessness of who we are becoming in connection with all the other precious fragments of HIS glory.
This was a piece that should be on our consciousness's refrigerator door. But then who could forget these precious thoughts?

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
There is only Oneness now
To all belongs all

God said love is light
When you can see bright heart-beams
Life will be dazzling

Love, Light and Aloha!

Those Haikus are still saying everything

I commend you Alohalight1111 for being open to such a love filled flow of God's light.
Your words say the very thing we all know but don't know that we know. Thanks for
the light, love and beauty.
George the ancient

This IS BEAUTIFUL !!!! It is

This IS BEAUTIFUL !!!! It is what we long for, don't we ? and it's here, right here and right now, just a change in our thoughts and WE ARE ONE LOVE FOR EVER AND EVER AND EVER !

Much love