expanded awareness

What Music Have Ears Not Yet Heard?

God said:

Expand your vision, and your life expands accordingly. In the act of greater vision, you are already expanded. What is within your sight is within your sight. What is out of your sight is out of it. Bring more opportunities into view.

You are the viewer of your life. The canvas is Mine. I have given you paints to make a picture on the canvas. First your painting is a sketch, and then a more definite painting arises. But the sketch was integral to your painting. The sketch is your vision.

You Are Oneness Supreme

God said:

Every Human Being is unique. A Human Being is Oneness personified and personalized, Oneness made unique, Oneness with opinions and points of view perhaps unlike any other. And, still, even so, there is Oneness. There is the union of Oneness regardless of any opposing views. There is no one way. There are myriads of ways, and yet, still there is Oneness. This is hard to assimilate.


God said:

There will no longer be the thought, "To each his own". The concept of ownership will be of the past long gone, no matter to what the ownership refers to. Whether ownership refers to objects or ideas or anything at all, instead of "To each his own", it will be known that "To each is everyone's. To all belongs all. There is only Oneness now."

Something Really Wonderful Today

God said:

There is something I would like you to do for Me today. Will you do it?

I am not going to tell you ahead of time what it is. I am going to leave it to you to know at the moment what it is, and then to do it. Is it understood that I am leaving it to you to discover and to you to fulfill? In other words, do you understand that I rely on you to take care of your share of the world today?

An Awareness So Brilliant

God said:

What if it is true that I am really contained in everything around you? What if I am really in every object and every picture of every object? What if I am really in you? If I am in everything you look at, I am contained in you who is the looker as well.

What if there is actually nothing out there for you to look at, and it is your own reflection you see through your eyes? What if everything is you?

What if you are out there and in there, that you are the inside that can also be seen outside? What if you could look within and see the heart and soul of you and find Me there?

A Universe of Such Magnitude

God said:

You are in the process of losing boundaries.

You have been a blind man holding on to walls.

Now that you begin to see, you don't have to hold on. That is the letting go that you are doing. You are letting go of boundaries that keep you fixed in place.

Love your boundaries, but know that you don't need them. You can see now, and you see farther now. Now you see past the boundaries. When you see beyond them, you are not looking at them. No longer are they the extent of your vision.

Higher Than the Trees

God said:

Earth is a beautiful place, but you are not supposed to be tied to it. You are not supposed to be down to Earth. Your feet may trod the circumference of the Earth, but your heart and mind are to take flight. How could it be otherwise? Your feet are limited. Your heart and mind are limitless. If they are tied to Earth, then your heart and mind are no more than feet, trudging along a well-worn path. Then they are prisoners who are not allowed to leave. Then they stay where they are, following only where they have already been.

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