You Are Oneness Supreme

God said:

Every Human Being is unique. A Human Being is Oneness personified and personalized, Oneness made unique, Oneness with opinions and points of view perhaps unlike any other. And, still, even so, there is Oneness. There is the union of Oneness regardless of any opposing views. There is no one way. There are myriads of ways, and yet, still there is Oneness. This is hard to assimilate.

When all is said and done, no matter what the disagreements, no matter how many, no matter anything, everyone is Oneness Supreme.

Look at all the flavors of ice cream. There are new flavors coming out all the time. No matter how many flavors, ice cream is ice cream. It can only be ice cream. Even ice cream has Oneness, and your mouth waters to think of it. Flavors are nice. Regardless of the flavors you prefer, ice cream remains ice cream.

Look at all the different kinds of fruit that grow on Earth. Fruit from trees. Tall trees. Little trees. Fruit from bushes. Vastly different fruits. The differences between apples and oranges are huge, and yet both are fruit. There is no changing that.

Look at eyes! Look at smiles! Look at fingerprints! No two alike, yet all eyes are eyes, all smiles are smiles, fingerprints are fingerprints, all recognizable and yet no two alike. How amazing is creation, how amazing am I, how amazing are you! I, Myself, am as amazed as a God can be. I cannot be overawed, but I can take delight, and I do take delight again and again. I take great delight through you, beloveds.

Take a look at opinions. Even you yourself have more than one opinion, and even your own opinions take different shapes. Your opinions can change before your very eyes. How often they have. Sometimes you cannot believe the opinions you once held and now no longer do. Even so, you do have the tendency to be adamant about your present opinion on every matter. Is that not so?

And yet there is that within you that is constant. It is your Being. Your Being doesn't change. Your awareness of your Beingness changes, however. Of course, your awareness changes because your earthly awareness is growing. Your consciousness rises. There is expansion. It is as if your eyes grow wider, and so what you see seems to expand. You live in an ever-expanding Universe. As a Human Being you grow. You grow because it is inevitable that you come to realize Who you are. You come to realize your own Beingness. You expand in recognition of what I, God, made when I made you. You expand to meet the Universe and to meet yourself.

Child of Myself, I adore you. There is no other word for it. I do not worship you, and yet I adore you, My created Being of My own Beingness. We can say that I imagined you, but the fact that you are My Beingness is not imagined. That which exists is not imagined. Only that which does not exist can be imagined.

And so the individuality of you, strong on Earth, is imagined for a while. For a while, you believe it. For a while, you take it seriously. I love you with all My heart, and I understand you. I know all that in which you harbor deep seriousness. I take you seriously, beloveds, but none of the matters that you take so seriously do I. You are important to Me, yet I see your difficulties for what they are. In that sense, We can say that I take you lightly. In case that would hurt your feelings, let Us say that I take you into My light and hold you shining in it.

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where are we all alike

externally we are all children of the divine and different for recognition and not separation. internally we are all the same color and appearance. i know i've been there. so we are one family.

This makes me happy, St. B.

This makes me happy, St. B.



Response to Child of myself I adore you!

It's so mysterious when a writer uses a word that's suppose to be a verb and it turns into God's hologram of internal wonder. You break my hold on reality. I just can't help it, your words etch on my consciousness the mystery of 'who I am.' Thanks dear one
George just got stung again

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said let Us say
Every Human is unique
Oneness made unique

God said take a look
Look at eyes and look at smiles
Shining in My light

God said I made you
Made of My own Beingness
To meet you yourself

Love, Light and Aloha!