Higher Than the Trees

God said:

Earth is a beautiful place, but you are not supposed to be tied to it. You are not supposed to be down to Earth. Your feet may trod the circumference of the Earth, but your heart and mind are to take flight. How could it be otherwise? Your feet are limited. Your heart and mind are limitless. If they are tied to Earth, then your heart and mind are no more than feet, trudging along a well-worn path. Then they are prisoners who are not allowed to leave. Then they stay where they are, following only where they have already been.

Your feet are like the roots of flowering trees. The tree has limbs and leaves and blossoms. Although grounded, the tree reaches for Heaven. It is a natural thing. Trees don’t really grow down. They grow upward with roots that support their upward growth.

Trees, without the freedom you have, nevertheless grow to Heaven. Trees have a grace, and they have a certainty. They do not question growing upward. They do not fight it. They welcome it. And so must you.

You cannot stay the same, beloveds. Try as you may, you cannot.

Be like the tree and lift your limbs toward Heaven. Reach high. What is Heaven for if not for you to reach? Heaven was made with you in mind. And you were made for Heaven. You are Heaven-bound, not Earth-bound. You are already on Earth, and now you climb the ladder of your awareness. You are climbing to the top of the mountain. From the top you see in all directions, and you see there are no borders to separate Earth from Heaven. It’s not just that you don’t see the boundaries from on high. They are not visible because they are not there. This is what is meant when Christ speaks of the splinter in your eye. Go higher than the trees, beloveds.

The ground is under you. You really don’t have to be concerned about not having the ground under you. So long as you are in a body, you have the ground under you. You also have the Heavens above. Make use of it. Let Heaven lift you to its heights. The heights of Heaven are yours.

Sometimes you block out Heaven. Sometimes you would block it from existence simply because it is not under your feet. But get some Heaven under your belt. It is calling you to come in. It’s time for supper.

Heaven is not to be overlooked. It is to be looked upon. Like Columbus, you have to have an idea in mind before you can explore it. Columbus did not find the exact land he had in mind, but he came to a wonderful land just the same. I do not think he was disappointed, nor will you be.

The requirement of Heaven is that you come. Heaven is complete. It needs nothing except you. It has a For Lease sign out front, hoping that you will come. The lease is already printed with your name written in. Would you not like a tour? Would you not like to read the brochure? Perhaps you would like to take some pictures for a prospectus. Beloveds, come visit now. Teleport yourself here. Let Heaven be your summer home by the stars. Vacation here. Bring your friends. Like sand from the beach, take some Heaven back to Earth with you. Never mind down to Earth. Be up to Heaven.