heaven and earth

There Is Knowing

God said:

Heaven is a certain place for Being. Much is accomplished, yet there is no effort. There is not even really thinking in Heaven. There is Knowing. In Heaven, there is no action as such. There is no distance between Knowingness and its fruit. There is what We could call an impulse, and the impulse manifests. In Heaven, there is instant fulfillment of impulses of desire. In Heaven, before an impulse has finished, its result has already been created. There is no frustration in Heaven. What frustration could there be when fulfillment of desires is instant? It is not a question of believing.

The Idea of Angels

God said:

There are no ends and there are no beginnings. Just rolling of the wheel. The wheel of life does not need to be pushed nor pulled. It goes along on its own momentum. Only, of course, you can jiggle it every now and then.

Heaven and Earth

God said:

Heaven and Earth meet in your heart. They blend in your heart. Your heart is the cocktail mixer of Heaven and Earth. There is a great joining of Heaven and Earth in your heart. Notice how the word "heart" opens up your Being. Your heart is a grand opening of Heaven.

Earth has its tendrils around your feet while Heaven lies its hand gently on your shoulder. Heaven soothes the irritations of Earth. Heaven calms you. It runs through you like a river in its banks. The Kingdom of Heaven is within, and it is within your blessed heart.

The Starlight of Your Heart

God said:

You live on many levels, beloveds. You already know there is more than the Earthly dimension. You already know that you experience more than one Earthly dimension. If Earth life has many dimensions, what on Earth do you think the Divine has? It has Infinite dimensions. Infinity in Oneness. The dimensions to your spiritual life are infinite. They are uncountable. Anyway, who would bother counting when they can taste?

Higher Than the Trees

God said:

Earth is a beautiful place, but you are not supposed to be tied to it. You are not supposed to be down to Earth. Your feet may trod the circumference of the Earth, but your heart and mind are to take flight. How could it be otherwise? Your feet are limited. Your heart and mind are limitless. If they are tied to Earth, then your heart and mind are no more than feet, trudging along a well-worn path. Then they are prisoners who are not allowed to leave. Then they stay where they are, following only where they have already been.

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