Your Power

God said:

What are you thinking about today? If you are thinking about problems, switch to something else. Switch to desires. Switch to love.

At every moment you have an occasion for love. Love even your problems, for they are urging you forward, the way a jockey would spur on a horse. Without what you see as impediments to your evolution, you might not evolve. You might keep yourself out of action. You might wander off and twiddle your thumbs or never leave where you are.

Instead, you are given things to take care of. Consider problems like butterflies that will not stay. They alight for a while and then fly off. Consider difficulties as treasures left for you along the way. They are indicators pointing you in a direction that you might otherwise overlook. Even though they seem like detours, they may be saving you from going around the long way.

Even difficulties are your friends. They would teach you. Learn from your friends.

Perhaps your difficulties teach you your true desires, the deepest of your heart. Perhaps difficulties make you climb the golden ladder. Perhaps difficulties are gems strewn before your feet. Under each stone you pick up lies another waiting to be discovered.

Be more offhand about what you see as problems. Consider them as horses who ride along beside you and then depart. Do not make too big a thing of them. Sometimes it is wise to leave them to go their own way without much attention from you.

Now you are on the cusp of a day that has long been awaiting you. Perhaps there is something wonderful you will do today. Perhaps you will rescue this day and bring it out into the bright sunshine.

What if you are responsible for today? What if you are the host of it? What if it is an honored guest that you welcome with all your heart. What if you and the day are collaborators, working on a secret assignment, secret even from you. You have a task at hand that you stumble on, but it is part of a far greater plan. The task at hand will find you, and one day vast vision will be yours, and you will see the whole lay of the land.

Today is in the palm of your hand. It is yours to do with as you will. Climb over hill or dale and the day will draw a greater circle with you in it.

The circle you are within widens every day. Wider and wider your power swings. You are reaching eternity now. You are in the midst of it. The fabric of you is eternity. You occupy a greater space than you have recognized. Recognize it today. You occupy the entire universe. You are the universe complete. And the whole world is at your disposal. It was made for you.

Ask for what you desire, and be open to receiving it. Attend to what you want and move towards it.

You serve great purpose in this world of men. You hold hands with all on earth, and you hold up the world. Your sinews wrap around the earth The world is clasped to your bosom. It longs for your love. It will have it.

Desist from fighting life on earth. Join with it. Join with Me. Give it your blessing. This is the earth I created. I gave it to you. You asked to be here. It was your desire and your request. You signed on. Earth life was not foisted on you.

Now roll the sun to earth so that all light may be seen and all knowledge known.

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problems and purpose

This letter contains a couple insights that help tie together some important ideas contained in the messages of the Heavenletters as a whole.

One is a revolutionary way of looking at "problems" and "difficulties." Until recently, I have disliked problems and would always resist and try to avoid them, sometimes even being angry about them. But this letter suggests that we see problems completely differently, as a valuable aspect of existence that we should appreciate. For me, anyway, this is a very different attitude.

Another insight is a more explicit description of the overall organization of the various aspects of the universe. Other letters talk of an overall plan of which we are all a part. Here we are told that it is "a far greater plan" than we can imagine. We cannot see much of the plan, but we get a lot of our direction through the problems and difficulties we encounter, along with our heartfelt desires.

There is an invisible (at least in its details) purpose to everything. Each of us is an important part ot its outworking. We asked to be here. All we need to do is not fight what has been created, "Ask for what you desire, and be open to receiving it."

I find this powerfully reassuring and calming.......Chuck

Yes, this is another great

Yes, this is another great Heavenletter. We all came to Earth to evolve our mindsets and transcend fear and ego. All is well. We re ever going forward and upwards. Life loves us and is leading us to green pastures, or, is actually showing us that we already are in green pastures, we just need to elevate our perceptions. Life is Good.