A Heart Full of Love

God said:

The Human heart is drawn to beauty. Beauty, love, joy are the food for the Human heart. It cannot thrive without them. It can survive without sensational drama and worldly accomplishment, but not without love. Love emanates to and fro the Human heart.

The Human heart doesn't need despair. It needs no restriction. Your Human heart desires love because your heart knows what it is for. Your heart, without interference from you, knows not hesitation. The Human heart is a thirsty horse who goes right to the well.

Love is the great Human denominator. Nothing else is. When you say death is, you are mistaken, for death is of the body only, and death of the body is only death of illusion. Otherwise, death does not exist. That which is nonexistent cannot be said to exist. The nonexistent is a passing picture that changes nothing. Love never dies. It seems to alight here and there, be withdrawn etc., but that is also only illusion. Love exists always. It never does not exist. That goes for every heart. Love is the very air you swim in. Love is your strength. There is no other.

Certainly the illusion of death is a great factor in your perception of life. Because one level of perceived life is erased, you sometimes lose sight of its value. You contract your vision. The value of life on earth is the value of life on earth. What supposedly passes away is simply the stream of life flowing. The flow of life is not be mourned.

Like the moon, life waxes and wanes. But the slip of the waning moon in the night sky is not less than full. Just less of it is seen. The moon doesn't shrink. It is never less than full. What your eyes tell you is only a quarter of the story.

Fullness is.

And fullness of your heart is. A contracted heart is nevertheless full. And the heart must break any boundaries you have put there. There are no limits to your heart. Love is the ambrosia that nourishes your heart. Feed it. Your heart is a beautiful flower. Look at it that way.

Your heart is not meant to suffer. That is not reason for you to have a heart. Your heart has far greater purpose than that. Your heart is meant for great things, not little things.

Your heart is the supreme ruler of the universe. This is where everything happens, in the heart. Your heart is what you are for. Your heart is connected to Mine. My heart is never errant. Hold your heart high.

Make much of your heart, not little. Honor this moon of a heart that I gave to you. It is a great gift. It is the greatest gift of all.

Your heart is the moon of the Heavens and the mighty mountains of earth. Your heart is the mainstay of the universe. Your heart of love is a bright eternal light. I planted love in your heart. I gave it good instructions. You can read them here in your heart.

Your heart is strong. Your heart is masterful. There is nothing your heart cannot do. Your heart heals the universe.

To whatever seems lacking, put the shoulder of your heart to it. Let the love from your heart flow. Let your heart be the one that pulls others' hearts up. Let your heart be the leader of all hearts. This is easy, for your heart dwells in Mine. It is My heart that fills yours. You have My heart to rely on. Be big-hearted. Your heart is full of My love. Use it.