Born of Light

God said:

You who are born of light, take delight in Who you are. You are from light, so you might as well sparkle. When you look at light today, how it falls on the trees, how faces are lit up with it, how Godly it is, then remember that you are this self-same light. I adjure you to look at the light.

Without you, what would all this worldly plane be for? You are here to shed light on it. All of this that surrounds you is for you. It is at your feet. It is up to you to give it meaning by shining your light on it. You need not look to someone or someone else to give meaning to your life. You are the meaning.

Density is more — or less — than density. It is you who must shed light on it all.

There is a core of light within you that is never dimmed. This core of you meets the core of others on earth and in Heaven. You are never alone. This is an impossibility. Oneness is not loneliness. Oneness is a vast embrace of Truth.

Let the light of life dawn on you.

Roll over like the earth to receive it.

You are a beam of My light. Beams are meant to shine and herald the totality of light. If there is pre-dawn, dawn must follow. As you say the words Good Night, daylight is propelling itself towards your awareness. Light up your awareness. Where can darkness be extant?

If your heart is the Sun, then you are the rays of the Sun. Is this not enough? What an honored position you are in! You are the spokesman of the Sun. The rays of the Sun reach everywhere, and you extend them, and everything is so lit that Sun alone is.

Naturally, you must see through darkness to the light that identifies darkness. You are to reveal light, not darkness. Absent yourself from nothingness; great meaning is.

Today is enough. Today hearts meet. They revolve around yours. You are here on earth to introduce hearts to one another. All hearts are heart-directed. All hearts beat, and all hearts meet in the light of love. Love is the light of day.

To keep your light to yourself is selfish. It is also foolhardy. Look deeply into your heart today and find light enough to shine everywhere. Let all who come within the range of your being feel the warmth of love.

Be an igniter of hearts. One spark from you is enough to light up the whole universe. One switch can work wonders. You can work wonders.

If you have been sitting in past sludge, wake up now. You have a job to do. Start today. Light up the universe. Remember you have great pleasure coming to you, and so you give it to others. When two stand in My light, they become one. Your original nature is Oneness.

One kindness is enough to ignite the world. Meet everything with kindness. Light is not stuck on earth. You are not stuck. You are an enlightened being who has forgotten how much light there is, and how much light he has to shine. Begin remembering today.

Today remember kindness. Your kindness holds up a torch of My light so great that all will see it. Be nothing today if not kind.

You are being kind to yourself when you light up others' lives, for the light you extend falls on you. You are a creature of light. There is nothing for you to do but shine.

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