On the Altar of Heaven

God said:

Motherhood and fatherhood prepare you for sainthood. The birth of a baby gets you into the cosmic flow. With parenthood, you become less the star and so your world expands. From the arrival of a baby, you learn that your individuality is not so vital. The baby teaches you that you are indeed a servant of God and that you serve Me in every thing. In every leaf of life. As you are less attached to yourself, you are free to give more.

When your heart is in the right place — a baby does this for you — everything is easy. Joy, not hardship, reigns. You know the precious treasure you hold in your hands. You raise your children. It is to Me you raise them.

On the altar of your life, I handed a powerful soul being to your care, and you offer up to Me on the altar of Heaven that which I gave to you. My giving to you and your giving to Me are one motion. There is no separating them.

The child whom I bequeath to you to nurture and encourage is like a blossom from Heaven. You are the strengthener and support of the child. Your home is like the vase you put a flower in. The flower greets you as you come in the door. The child is mothering you as well.

You give your heart to your child. You have no choice about this. It is ordained. You let him walk his own way through the fog of Human life so that he may more directly see Me before him. You give him space for this.

You do not teach Me to your child. You deliver him to Me, and Me to him. You introduce him to Me through the shining love in your heart.

You give wise love. You give love wisely by giving it. Love is the prow of a ship that moves through the seas. Love knows not force nor indulgence. Love knows how to give itself kindly and clearly.

The treasure of a child that you hold in your heart and arms is an honor that has been bestowed upon you.

As you continue to grow in love, you discover that all children are yours. And as you grow, you discover that all Human beings are yours as well. You are separate from none. All have been given in your care. This is what growth is. It is growing in love. Love understands greatly.

You occupy a far greater space than that of your body. You open Heaven for all. This must be so, for all are strongly connected.

A baby pulls out the tenderness from your heart that always was there.

Let everyone and everything open your heart. Do not be afraid to let your heart melt. Hearts are supposed to melt. That is their strength. You didn't think hardness was, did you?

If you must fortify your heart, fortify it with love. Love moves fluidly. The love in your heart is meant to move. Life gives your heart great opportunity to exercise the love it is made of.

If you have trained your heart to withhold itself, retrain it now.

Give your heart the gift of itself. Let it be true to itself. Let it reign on earth as in Heaven.

Heaven knows no barriers to love. There are no restrictions on it. Heaven knows it is love and nothing but love. Restraints never enter Heaven. You enter without them.

There is not judgment in Heaven. There is only love. Love is not wanton. Love brings out the best in all. It is that simple. Nothing but love can do this. Your love is not to be appropriated. It is to be given.

Love the world the way you love your baby, and have high hopes for it.

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"Love brings out the best in

"Love brings out the best in all. It is that simple"