The Prime of Life

God said:

Simplicity is oneness. One bowl. One spoon. How simple!

You make complicated. You must have ten of everything to keep track of. You roll in life faster and faster, and still you collect moss. You collect more moss. But you are not a stone. You are a Human being. You are beyond moss. You are beyond accumulation. You are a roll of My heart. My heart rolls in the world. Take care of My heart inside yours.

You cannot lose yourself, for I am always.

At this very cusp of time, you are at your prime. Know that. This is the moment you have been waiting for. Earlier was not your prime. Later is not. Now is. Now, as now is in your concept of time, keeps moving, so the truth is you have always been in your prime of life and will soar in it forever more.

More than prime, I will go so far as to say that you are in the supreme of your life, and you always have been. The moments you considered low were supreme, for life is supreme. It is a supreme happenstance. This life that palls on you or weighs heavily on you is a supreme moment. This life of yours is one of My greatest gifts to you. Yes, you. And, yes, this very life.

You often think of life as a gauntlet that you run through and get cudgeled in. The most you have thought to look forward to is that it will be over. Occasionally you have toyed with the idea of Paradise, but you don't really believe in it. You'd like to, but you don't.

So you have sometimes thought of life as a test, and a test that you are not doing so well on. At the least, that others do much better on, although there are some who do much worse.

Think of Human life more as pages of a book you run through. The pictures in the book are pictures. They are not the actuality. None of the story ever happened. It was real to you, but it was a masquerade of events that ran through the minds of men. Pictures were pasted in books so what is fantasy would continue to be noticed. A book is made of pages, that's all. Truth cannot be limited to the pages of a book. Your life is a story you are reading. It seems so real, but a greater story lies beneath the pages, a story irrespective of what's on the pages.

There is a teller of the story. Someone told it. We could say that you are writing it as you read it.

A truck passes by on the street of your life. Is it random? A bird takes wing. A leaf falls. What does any of this have to do with you. At the same time, what is there that does not have to do with you?

You are the story that writes itself.

You are the song sung.

You are the lane traveled.

You are Columbus who discovers new lands, but the lands never needed discovery. They were where they were. It was Columbus who needed to discover.

And you are a simple explorer. You really explore a clear plain, but you think it is a raging jungle and that you must use a machete. Even though I tell you there is nothing in your way, you chop through it.

Think now of life as unbroken. Think of it as a continuum of eternity. Think of it as a ride you are on, and enjoy the sights, whatever they may be. You ride past sights. You are the rider. You are not the sights. You are a beautiful pair of eyes that see many things. And you are prime. You are prime.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said this moment
Life is supreme-happenstance
And later is not

Love, Light and Aloha!

Take care of My heart inside

Take care of My heart inside yours.

Love you.